Volunteer at a Treehouse, organic farming, and art project in Indonesia, South Sulawesi

Last Update: 24th January 2016

Hello Guys!
We are here creating a nice project here!
We are located in the jungle near Buntu Nanna Village, South Sulawesi (Kecamatan Ponrang, Kabupaten Luwu) and seeks to educate young people in language, art and environmental awareness.
The project is entirely self funded and still faces many challenges although the major obstacle of gaining community support has already been overcome and activities are going well.


We are presently building our first of several tree houses that already serves as a school, studio and eventually art gallery.
The building is made entirely of recycled materials (except the nails that are donated to us sporatically).
We believe in the concept of immersive and open air education where skills are learned in an informal setting with the focus being on building confidence and creativity though direct interactions with people and the

English language training

Our English language training for example involves our foreign volunteers engaging in planting, building and art activities with the youth while speaking English.


Cooking classes for making local dishes are also given by the youth, and for those interested in learning Indonesian, this immersive approach is also available.
Our project is set on 1,5 hectare of land in the jungle, about 30 minutte walk from the village, where our first tree house is almost finished and classes have already started with several volunteers having already enjoyed their experience, and the young people already feeling more comfortable talking with foreigners and showing visible signs of enthusiasm towards the recycling project.
Many adult members of the community have also expressed their support, including the head of the village who is eager to help any way he can, and a police official who is looking to start a mangrove and coral reef conservation effort in conjunction with our project.

Our activities include:

  • 1) Creative recycling of cigarette butts, sandals, shoes and plastic into sculptures, housing and other.
  • 2) Building tree houses with recycled materials from the local environment, particularly wood, bamboo and dried banana leaves. These tree houses are to serve as learning hubs, accommodations an art gallery and the like.
  • 3) Organic farming: teaching youngsters about how to plant without using chemicals and focused on the principals of permaculture.
  • 4) Tree planting as a means to help the thinning ozone layer, retain groundwater, provide shade and oxygen.
  • 5) Introducing and teaching traditional cooking techniques to foreigners who volunteer here, specifically dishes from South Sulawaesi such as Sinole and Dange ( Sago palm).
  • 6) Teach painting with used coffee grinds techniques to village youth
  • 7) Create theatrical “fire war” using coconut leaves and fire walking
  • 8) General skill sharing and confidence building leading to self generated solutions within the community.
Here, we are not only working everyday, but we are also can do walk out, camping, fishing, swimming in the river and whatever we would like to do.
And If possible, please bring the flag of your country and english book as an gift and collection for this project.
Looking forward to working together for a brighter future,
big hugs from Padang Sappa Village, South Sulawesi, indonesia
Nice Regards
Edyanta Sinuaji

โ‡“Contact details (only facebook available)โ‡“

Facebook : Edyanta Sinuaji
+62 823-2795-0902

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