Volunteers needed in Andalucia, Las Alpujarras, Granada

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Hi people,

my aunt is looking for volunteers to help her at her farmhouse in the mountains in Cerro Negro.

Now she has a lot of work to be done, gardening and renovating the house, and during spring she can his up to 8 people at a time.

ย Volunteering at Cerro Negro, Las Alpujarras, (Granada).

Iยดm Danish, sixty, female, teacher of profession, (music, English and Danish language as main subjects) worked 13 years with younger children and teenagers in Denmark.

Write and speak Spanish fluently, and like to teach it as well, when time allows.

I also speak German.

Have been practicing yoga for many years.

I love to walk in the mountains, the surroundings are ideal for that.

Divorced, my ex-husband and I run a small company together, dealing with heating, cooling & solar energy (info on www.tecnicasmaro.com) .

Moved to Spain from Denmark in 1992 to start up the company.

Finca (farm) description

The finca is situated at Cerro Negro, Las Alpujarras.

We bought it in year 2000 as a ruin, the land in a mess, – all weeds and shrubs – it had been abandoned for more that 10 years. The main house is reformed now.
In the future this will be for guests, volunteers, family and friends visiting etc.

The last part of the ruin, which will be my small, private place, (eco-build) is now (Mid-April 2016) ready for the fitting of doors and windows, but there are still quite a few things to finish, before I can move in.

All run by solar: electricity, hot water, heating except a wood burning stove as a back-up system.

A small wood of pine trees. Many new, small fruit trees. Around a hundred olive trees. A big vegetable garden, all organic. Automatic drip feed system.

To give you an idea of what a stay at Cerro Negro would involve, please see below , and see also the attached photographs.


When I have volunteers staying, I can offer:

  • – pick-up at the bus stop in Orgiva (nearest town, Granada province) or transport from Maro (Mรกlaga province) the little town on the coast, where I work, and where I often stay over night.
  • – lodging in the house, (when Iยดm not there myself) or in a caravan which is parked on one of the fields. It is fitted with kitchen facilities, (gas hob and fridge) a table and a loftbed. Or in tents. – Matrasses and sheets are provided!
  • – food, but youยดll have to cook it yourself. Weยดll make a list together, and Iยดll buy & bring up to the finca. Some vegetables can be found in the garden, although it is start of season.
  • – bathroom facilities in main house. An outdoor shower will be mounted in a near future.
  • – working clothes, normal sizes, but not footwear. Only rubber boots in case it rains
  • – WI-FI
  • – quite a selection of books in English and Spanish language, + a few in German as well. Apart from the Danish, which would probably not be that atractive for the mayor part of my helpers
  • – an old piano, recorders and congas drums
  • – one of the best views in Las Alpujarras + company of 2 hens and a ginger cat. See also attached photos.
  • – walking distance (downhill!) to Orgiva: Approx. an hour and a quarter. Walking back again takes somewhat longer, but a bus route from Orgiva can take you to a place further up the mountains from where there is approx. 20-30 minutes walk downhill to the finca.
  • – lots of very kind and helpful neighbours. When walking down to Orgiva it is normally very easy to get a lift.

In exchange

ย Iยดll need help 6 hours a day for 5 days a week.

When Iยดm there myself or have other people working on the farm it has to be at fixed hours. Other days the volunteers can flex, as long as it proves efficient. (Had a bit of a bad experience lately) Itยดll be physical work, so youยดll need to be reasonably fit. Do let me know, if this is NOT the case.

  • – in the vegetable garden there is much weeding to do, and we have to be on top of it constantly. End of April/beginning of May will be planting/sewing season.
  • – regular checks of automatic irrigation system in the new build: a) cleaning and treating the chestnut beams with water based protection paint b) treating with same product the new windows and doors when they arrive from the factory c) white washing of walls in- and outside. Please note, that some of the photos are from 2013, when that project was started. Just to give an idea.
  • – on the terraced fields, where we have just sewn clover: Also weeding there will be required, and in between other tasks we remove stones, to make it more comfortable for future camping
  • – work with the strimmer on the land, to cut down grass & weeds
  • – to look after the hens, the cat and the two swallows who are nesting, and make sure they are all happy

Formalities – Before arrival Iยดll need from all volunteers

  • – a copy of your passport
  • – contact details for a family member or a friend of yours, in case of illness or accident
  • – a copy of your travel insurance card. Home transport in case of accident or serious illness must be covered

Other things:

Youยดll most likely be alone at the finca for some days at a time, if other volunteers have not joined in.

Iยดll not always be able to tell exactly which days I can come up. Depends on work load down in Maro.

Daily contact between us will be necessary, and if you have questions/doubts Iยดll always call you back as soon as Iยดm available.

Non smokers are very much preferred.

No cannabis nor other drugs on the finca.

Wine and a beer is ok, but no excess.

Contact details โ‡“


Then please contact me via e-mail:


Iยดll look forward to hearing from you!
Hanne Fomsgaard

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