The Vagabus invite you to join a convoy of traveling volunteers!

school bus trip
school busShout-out to all the backpackers and farm kids! We invite you to PLEASE join our convoy of traveling volunteers!

We are travelers and backpackers that are touring and volunteering across the entire USA in caravan of buses and vehicles.

Our convoy currently consists of two buses, a motorhome, a van, a car, and a motorcycle!

We travel from town to town, giving back and volunteering everywhere we go, including work at no-kill animal sanctuaries, homeless outreach/support, organic farms, sustainable eco-projects, senior/disabled care, and much, much more.

Right now we are California, but will be headed across the entire USA soon before departing to Mexico and further south!

If anyone wants to join our bus with a vehicle or a backpack, we would love to have you!


If you want to know more abous us, check us out:



If you cant join us now, but you're digging our project, throw us some coins at our GoFundMe:



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