Help with Permaculture & Foodforest in Cambodia

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Last update: 3 June, 2016

Volunteers & Pilgrims, you’re welcome! We’re dedicated to sustainable living and starting off-grid permaculture and food forest. Permaculture is about diverting human effort towards rehabilitative purposes that repair damaged ecologies as well as damaged societies.

Food and accommodation: volunteering exchange
Accommodation on the farm is in exchange for 4 hours of help per day.

For the first week, we ask a contribution of $5/day and person,

for the second week $3/day and person and for any more days nothing.

(For a stay without physical help we ask a contribution of $10/day and Person).
This contribution is needed to buy amenities for you & the volunteers, amenities like:
  • mosquito nets,
  • bedding,
  • plates and pots and
  • utensils for working.

volunteers, cambodia, permaculture, food forest, internship, eco-centre

All food that is growing on the farm will be shared and can be eaten.
  • Minimum stay for volunteering is 2 weeks, exceptions are possible but longer stays are welcome.
  • You need to bring a copy of your passport and visa plus 1 pass-foto for the local authorities!
  • No alcohol or synthetic drugs on the farm!
We are going to plant lots of different vegetables, trees and bushes in the rainy season, during the dry season we are more busy with watering, mulching, making compost and plants in the nursery and kitchen garden.
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No special skills needed but goodwill to make the world a better one, to stay tuned, in contact with life and help create a sustainable food forest. We are also looking for long-time volunteers and people with the following skills:

  • Carpenter (wood and bamboo),
  • working with tiles and building natural stone walls,
  • working with cobย and
  • anyone who knows something about tropical food forests and
  • permaculture.
How to find us:
Best to meet is in the OM Restaurant & Organic Shop in Kampot town.
see both locations on the map
Please let me know as soon as you know the exact date when you arrive.

When you arrive at Kampot Town please go to the OM Restaurant (see map)
there are 3 options

  1. I drive to the farm almost every second day (22Km) in the mornings, though there is a chance to drive with me.
  2. You arrive in the daytime and we can arrange a tuctuc ($12 to $15) who knows the farm.
  3. You rent a motorbike somewhere in Town and we will give you the directions or you follow me, recommended if you like to see more of the countryside or like to go to Kampot Town sometimes.

Blessings to you all

Contact details

Akoo – OM Kampot
mobile : +855 97 388 4056
Skype: akooibiza
volunteers, cambodia, permaculture, food forest, internship, eco-centre

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