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We are from Omah Backpacker and we are accepting volunteering guests starting from July. We are located on Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Omah Backpacker is also a study group for the kid villagers.
We have big hopes that foreign people will give big inspiration for them having a good education. Usually,y they are stopped their school on elementary because their parents are not giving them motivation.
 I believe education will bring a better future for them and the village.
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Free Volunteer exchange Indonesia: Food and accommodation

I would give a free meal and accommodation.

Other volunteers’ benefits
I also offer art 7 culture tour.
  • Go to the temple,
  • learning traditional dancing,
  • making a puppet,
  • playing gamelan,
  • go to the market with horsecart.

Your coming is giving a big hope for the kids’ villagers. 😀

If you are interested use the contact details below to learn more about us!

  1. Build place for sharing and learning for backpacker
  2. Build a village which has a good ambience for children’s education.
  3. Foster child who has a good character, independent, creative, and powerful
Omah Backpacker, Indonesia
More information

Pay your stay at Omah Backpacker with book or teaching. We give you change for having a holiday while sharing. Let’s be responsible travellers !

Backpacker Omah is not only lodging. We invite you to help us build a village that is powerless, knit child’s dream and learn to care for the environment. During your stay here you can be directly involved in our activities. Like teaching a foreign language, teaching skills, assisting them to learn the lessons of school. One Week once we will run a mobile library.

we also have services to support the financing of our activities. If you want to support us, please use the products and services that we have.

  1. Car Rental
  2. Motorcycle Rental
  3. Tour Package
  4. Camping Stuff Rental
  5. Handmade Craft
Where are we – Location

We are located on the main street Malang – Batu. Here is the route:

  1. From Arjosari Station: Public Transport KA ( Red Car ) and say to the driver stop at Masjid Takeran.
  2. From Malang Train Station: Public Transport ADL / AMG / GA – Public Transport KA ( Red Car ) and say to the driver stop at Masjid Takeran.

Contact details

Info E-mail :
Whatsapp: 0812 3369 2339

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