Omah Backpacker looking for volunteers - East java, Indonesia

We accept guest start from july. 

We are from Omah Backpacker. We located on Malang, East java, Indonesia. 
We have a study group for the kid villagers.

We have big hopes that foreign people will give big inspiration for them having good education. Usually they are stopped their school on elementary because their parents are not giving them motivation.

 I believe education will bring a better future for them and the village.

I would give free meal and accomodation.

I also offer art 7 culture tour. 

Go to the temple, learning traditional dancing, making a puppet, playing gamelan, go to the market with horsecart.
Your coming is giving a big hope for the kids villager. :D

Contact details

Info : / 
WA 0812 3369 2339


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