Yuriev TV Expeditions is searching for adventurers

An invitation from Timofei Youriev

My friends! Here is our offer for the best job in the world:

Yuriev.TV Expeditions is searching for adventurers who would like to get involved in the creation and participation in most amazing private active – expeditions, including immersion in sport, nature and culture in some of the most unbelievable places.

Our clients: presidents of companies and countries, politicians, businessman, movie starts and etc. Mostly Russian-English speaking.

  1. Salary – Whatever you require
  2. Budget: unlimited
  3. Places: anywhere in the universe (all your expenses as a tour leader are paid)
  4. Uniqueness: expeditions have to be unique to the point it’s impossible to find anything alike anywhere
  5. Time of expeditions: up to 10 days

I’m attaching photos of what we are involved in (see ‘gallery’).ย  Think of it as ultimate “dreams” market.



For proposals please contact us thru:


Timofei Youriev

This host only provided us with little information.

Please read the Disclaimer.

Author: Voluntouring staff

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