"Otra Vida will be sailing north from Puerto Natales at the start of February, destination Puerto Montt by the end of April, along the Patagonian channels. We sailed south down these channels Jan-April 2017, and north from Puerto Williams to Puerto Natales Sept-Oct 2017.

I am looking for crew for this trip. In total there will be four people on board. In addition my girlfriend will be joining us at the start of April for a week or two.

Weather permitting, I´d like to explore Estero las Montañas again, and Estero Peel / Seno Calvo. These are remote fjords that are rarely visited, with spectacular glaciers in untouched wilderness.

On board the atmosphere is a kind of micro-community – the idea is that we co-create our atmosphere and experience, living and sailing together for a few months. If you have spent time in intentional communities, Rainbow Gatherings, social development projects, etc, you´ll enjoy the boat. If you are not community oriented, or prefer a boat with hierarchy and rules, Otra Vida is not the boat for you. We share actual costs for food and fuel equally. Food on board is vegetarian.

Age and gender is not important, nor is sailing ability (although it´s great if you have it). Intelligence, some experience of challenging travel (e.g. wilderness travel / long distance backpacking / mountaineering), and good conversation (English and/or Spanish) are appreciated".


You can find out more about Otra Vida at Feel free to PM me for more information if you are interested.

Martin Dixon-Tyrer


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