Volunteer Request - Help at a dog rescue center in North-west Bulgaria

Volunteer girl at a dog rescue center

Dog rescue center is looking for volunteers

Message from the host:


Urgent help needed!

I had 3 people who contacted me asking if I could accommodate all of them from 24th August for one week so I put them in the diary and have had to turn offers down during this period because I had no other space.

help at a dog rescue center
I received an email today from them saying they have fallen in love with Romania so won’t be coming any more.

I have people here until the 27th and then am completely on my own with no help for at least 4 days which is just not at all possible to manage.

Is anyone able to help out at short notice as I am really stuck and panicking?

Please let me know ASAP. I could do with more than one person as well if possible.
Thank you.
Dogshelter in North Bulgaria

Normal day is:

7.30am start
Feeding, cleaning pens and refill water bowls.
Approx two hours.

3.30pm repeat of morning activity, walk some dogs.approx two hours.

Basically, it is 4/5 hours of works/days max 
(and lot of it, is spent in cuddles, and getting licks by lovely dogs)

Help with general maintenance would be ideal but not neccessary.

Sometimes additional help might be required if feeding puppies or sick dogs and help with vet runs.

Accomodation available in a modernised house, with double bedroom ,meals provided plus use of a car as long as you have in your possession a current driving licence.


Please contact Helen James at :


Donations can be made to

volunteering dog shelter


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