Help at a refugees HUB in Northern Greece

refugees HUB

Different volunteers profile required for our NGO in Greece

We regularly need to fill a diverse range of roles, from:

  • carrying out food and
  • clothing distribution
  • from the warehouse to
  • supporting education,
  • community integration,
  • psychosocial support,
  • medical care, and
  • legal services.

Help refugees at our centre – join as a volunteer!

We welcome volunteers for both short- and long-term commitments, from a few days to 6 months and more, including part-time work for our volunteers who live, work or study locally.

Most of our short-term volunteers (if you are volunteering for less than 2 weeks) work at our Help Refugees HUB, at a warehouse site in western Thessaloniki.

Spending time in the hub is the perfect opportunity to acclimatise and involve yourself within the foundation of the grassroots operations responding to the refugee crisis in Northern Greece.

The majority of the work undertaken by our warehouse volunteers is working to complete distribution orders for over 12 projects working in northern Greece and the region.

Philoxenia / Soul Food Kitchen and the Food Project

Philoxenia / Soul Food Kitchen and the Food Project are independent projects that also operate from our warehouse site, and are another great way to get involved if you are only here for a short time.


“We currently need volunteers with the following skills/experience:

  • Health workers i.e. qualified doctors, paramedics, nurses, midwives, etc.
  • English and German teachers (with qualifications)
  • Yoga, dance and music teachers
  • Arabic, Farsi, Greek or Kurdish translators
  • HGV license holders
  • Chefs (or experience managing a kitchen)
  • Skilled labourers (i.e. construction, carpentry, plumbing, engineering, electrics)
  • Lawyers or experience in advocacy”


Author: Voluntouring staff

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6 thoughts on “Help at a refugees HUB in Northern Greece

  1. Hello
    do you currently have a part time work for a female interpreter Arabic English or is it only volunteering
    I would like to volunteer but I am also looking for a part time job
    I am writing to express my interest.
    I have invested ten years as an Aid Worker , and volunteer during which time I have gained a vast amount of experience and I am always willing to learn. I have real compassion for those in need and I fully understand how important it is to be discreet when handling delicate situations.
    Teaching children English , Empowering women, Teaching them to become independent economically, and aware of their legal rights.. Helping refugees learn life skills , implementing projects based on Music and Art to bring life back to them. Implementing projects that help fight discrimination and racism and domestic violence. Working with the Youth to fight corruption and to be a citizen first through dialogue sessions.
    Also my early work in customer service , as a ground Hostess for MEA and sales for Nike and jewelry diamond brands in Beirut duty free did add the value of my skills in customer service at the beginning of my career , which was at the first and second year of college. That taught me how to become the added value myself.
    Also my experience as a creative producer for digital content, advs. and campaign ideator (generating new ideas and synthesizing concepts) added to the ” know how” of dealing with people , clients , deadlines, Team and get the job done first.
    My work experience, qualifications and skills include:
    โ€ขA bachelorโ€™s degree in Mass communication , I am a current student at university of Macedonia, Thessaloniki , Greece pursuing a Masters degree in Politics and Economics in contemporary Eastern and South Eastern Europe.
    โ€ขThe ability to work on my own or as part of a team
    โ€ขThe ability to stay on schedule
    โ€ขExceptional time management skills
    โ€ขThe ability to work well under pressure and in high stressful situations
    โ€ขExcellent organizational skills
    โ€ขThe ability to communicate both orally and in writing in English and Arabic Languages.

    I have personal experience responding to and coordination emergency situations in which I:
    โ€ขDeveloped objectives and monitored the effectiveness of varies programs
    โ€ขCoordinated with government officials and their agencies to help resolve issues
    โ€ขCoordinated and provided support for volunteers during emergency situations
    โ€ขCreated reports and proposals for emergency intervention
    โ€ขMade sure all the work was conducted in compliance with the national and International regulations, laws and policies
    I am currently in Thessaloniki, with no obligation to stay at the city itself for I pursue my studies online. I am an international student at University of Macedonia.
    I believe that I am qualified to fill this position and that my pervious training will aid in the growth of your organization as well as my career.

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