Live in an Island and self-sufficient community in the Pacific


Let’s start an Eco-village in an island: a new lifestyle opportunity

Message from the host (Steffen).

I’d like to introduce my project and myself to you.

Back in 2014 I’ve started to create a plan a change in my life. During the past years it became more and more obvious, that I’m not the only one who’s seeking to achieve that:
A self sufficient life, at a location close by the equator in the Pacific – that’s the short version of it.
At the moment the core-team consists of 9 people, all from different backgrounds, such as (several sorts of) medical, fishing, construction, gardening, physics, sailing and others. Planing is in the final phase and we’ll greenlight it in spring or summer 2018.
We’re still looking for more team members. We’ve created a facebook group about the project, for people who are interested – or – who have the spirit and courage to join the team. We’re a *very* international team, speak English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Korean and German (hope I didn’t forget any language ๐Ÿ™‚
However, posts in the group should be in English so everybody understands them.
We’re also the very incarnation of nomads and would love to get to know others who share our passions and maybe the future together.


We will do, what people always did, relocate, adapt and establish a small colony, perhaps the roots of an entirely new civilization – far away from everything we’re used to, in every aspect imaginable. It is part of our human nature. We’re willing and able to design our own future, all we have to do is show courage, a strong passion and cooperation. We did it many times before, we can do it again.

Self sufficient life without money. island - live in an island

The destination, located at the equatorial zone in the Pacific Ocean, a new home and a new hope. Tough in the beginning, yet beautiful as an idea, lifestyle and environment.
More than 3000 spots there an uninhabited, some are close to the mainland, others are remote. The region offers warm temperatures all year long, more than +20ยฐC/+68ยฐF day and nights, a rich variety of plant and animal life, mostly untouched by humans in all history.
Well prepared, with the right equipment, mentality and a strong passion for the adventure we will cross over, start a new life. The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
The island is there for us!


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