Facebook Group Guidelines and Template

Guidelines – Rules

Your post hasn’t been accepted/published in our facebook group or website?
Discover why by reading these simple rules:


  • No links to external websites**
  • No links to Workaway profiles, Aiesec projects or other paying-subscribing host lists. 
  • Spam – hidden advertisements.
  • No solicitation, this is not a “PM me and I’ll help you” kind of group.
  • Impersonal messages, copy-pasted, or lacking descriptions
  • No to post duplicates – hosts can post only once and keep updating the same post.
  • No “upping” your posts. If we notice you doing it, your post will be removed.

** You can add a link to your website but the image shown in the post have to come from a manually uploaded file (see examples below).


  • Volunteer/help request with a description+ uploaded photo
  • Travel companion requests description + uploaded photo
  • Host/volunteer requests description +uploaded photo
  • Sharing volunteering experiences with pictures. No links to personal blog**

** You can add a link to your website/blog but the images shown have to come from manually uploaded files (see examples below).

  • 1) write a detailed description of the exchange you’re offering or looking for.

Start with a simple title such as: “Volunteering opportunity in France”, “Cultural exchange in Iran”, “Looking for help in the UK, London”.

  • 2) always attach at least one uploaded photo. You must own the rights to use the pictures you want to publish and they have to represent your announcement.

IMPORTANT: If you are a host, please don’t forget to mention if you’re charging a fee for volunteers in the description.

Sorry but your post won’t be published if it doesn’t meet these requirements.

Organizations and hosts registered on Voluntouring might get more visibility.


Example of good posting:


Example of bad posting:

Preferable Host description:

Dear host, when you write a volunteer request don’t forget to provide the following information:

  •     General information about the farm/family/ecovillage/organization/hostel/ranch.
  •     Information about the place (environment, curiosity, geography, folklore). How to get there?
  •     Info about the volunteering activities (what kind of activities will the volunteers do)?
  •     How many volunteers can you host/do you need?
  •     Hours expected to help each week?
  •     Can you confirm to be able to provide accommodation and food included?
  •     What are the volunteers’ benefits? (example: cultural exchange, free tours, use of the car, pocket money, etc.)
  •     Type of accommodation? (home, apartment, tent, tipi, dormitory, treehouse, castle etc. etc.)
  •     Extra activities during free time?
  •     Which language will be spoken?
  •     Is there internet access?
  •     Others…
Question: why am I not being accepted in the group?

The group now counts a large number of people. Click here to read the 10 main Facebook group Rules.

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