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Thanks for wanting to join our Whatsapp group!

Update January 2022 ๐Ÿ“…๐Ÿ“Œ


Due to the pandemic emergency and the scarcity of time and resources we have decided to stop admitting people into the WhatsApp group. To receive help regarding one of the topics of the web project please use the email you can find in the contact section.
Before writing us an email, please consider reading the FAQ section for those who are considering becoming volunteers abroad, or the FAQ section for hosts for those who are considering hosting travellers.

Here are a few important rules to keep in mind before requesting the invitation link

Please NO…
  1. Spamming in the group is NOT allowed: this means also no touristic invitation!
  2. No copy-paste/impersonal messages,
  3. Messages unrelated to the subject of volunteering are NOT allowed.
  4. Flirting: this is not a dating group!
  5. Religious/political propaganda is NOT allowed (there are many different creeds in the group)
  6. Advertising another volunteering platform (Workaway/Helpx/and so on…) is NOT ALLOWED.
  7. Homophobic/racist messages are NOT allowed
  8. Only English is allowed in the group. If you speak other languages you will be removed from the group.
Yes to:
  • Volunteers requests!
  • Host requests
  • Free hospitality offers
  • Information requests about volunteering issues

When introducing yourself, keep the message short and clear. Some members will leave the group if it gets too “noisy” or overwhelmed by irrelevant information. If you want to socialize with someone in the group send them a private message. Don’t start a conversation with them in the group. If you have any questions, please write to

Thanks for your understanding. Please help us build a friendly social group environment. (Also, take some time to read the NEWS about the Whatsapp group down below)


For safety reasons, we ask you to fill out this form to receive the invitation link to join our WhatsApp group!

[As of 17th September 2021 – Current Members: 105] [Moderators: 2]

Fill this form to join our WhatsApp group:
You have to be at least 17
to receive the invitation link
to receive the invitation link
Volunteering can't and will never enable you to travel or move to other countries for free. If we notice you expect to have everything funded, your profile might be removed.
By clicking "I AGREE", you agree to our Privacy Policy and our personal data processing and cookie practices as described therein.

Click here to read our rules

If you notice somebody (or something) that violates our community guidelines, please report to us!

News – Updateโ— ๐Ÿ˜Š

10th January 2021

Happy new year to new and old members of the WhatsApp group. These last months have been quiet in the group. This is because we keep the communication of the WhatsApp group at a minimum and we stopped accepting new members due to difficulties moderating and following the group chat. However, you can still make a request to communicate via WhatsApp with one of our online helpers. ๐Ÿ™‚

18th October 2020

Many volunteering activities around the world are on hold, while we fear the second wave of COVID-19 outbreak may occur again in Europe and other parts of the world. The WhatsApp group is currently pretty quiet and we may not accept new members until the situation will improve. The team behind this project is however available for communications via e-mail.

27th April 2020

Due to COVID-19, most of our ONLINE volunteering activities slowed down. However, we keep receiving participation requests and for that, we’re very grateful! Sorry for not being able to reply to all of your questions and requests. We’re doing the best as we can to recruit new Voluntouring members and improve our project, though with limited resources.

We would like to remember that inappropriate language is not tolerated in the group and the use of the chat to advertise personal projects/organizations without authorization will also be considered a violation.

28th January 2020

As of today, we thank the participants for respecting the rules and keeping the group healthy and free from trolling/spam! Sometimes there are technical problems with the admission of new members. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We usually reply to membership requests within 1-3 days.

20th August 2019

Voluntouring Whatsapp number (+39 347 048 3403) won’t be available for messaging until further notice.

28th April 2019 – Trolls…

Hello dear members and sorry for this communication.

Unfortunately, some guys entered the chat with no authorization and with trolling purposes. Some of you might have the function button for ‘reporting abuse’ to WhatsApp. You can click to report those numbers to WhatsApp or the Cyber Police, in order to block any further harassment.

Because of this, our welcoming policy has changed a bit. Now we’ll ask more questions before approving new chat members.

26th April 2019 – the VISA ISSUE

Thanks for wanting to be part of our WhatsApp group. This is a note for those people seeking to move to other countries for free or asking for VISA support. Unfortunately, our website doesn’t feature organizations or hosts that are able to cover for VISA or travel costs (unless EVS, or ESC opportunities that, however, are only valid for Native Europeans). Since such requests are starting to be too numerous to deal with, our team and the hosts featured in our database are forced to block them or ignore them.

Before asking for volunteering suggestions and advice please MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A POSSIBILITY TO COVER YOUR VISA AND TRAVEL COSTS. Volunteering can’t and will never enable you to move to other countries for free, most organizations don’t have resources to do it for you.

20th April 2019 – Looking for a volunteer Whatsapp group moderator!

Position: voluntary

Task: moderator.

Workload: voluntary/free


  • kindness, maturity and experience
  • a good commandment of the English;
  • knowledge of the use of WhatsApp and digital technology
  • being able to provide hints and information about volunteering abroad.
  • He/she must know website fairly well.

NO self-promoters.

If you are interested, write us an e-mail:

If you want to further help our project, click here,ย  for other voluntary/work positions.

20th March 2019

The chat is crowded again. Please, do your best to respect other people views & values. Let us know if you encounter any problems.

30th January 2019

The previous WhatsApp group counted 120 members but was eliminated due to a virus that interfered with the group activities. Sorry everyone for the inconvenience.


Author: Voluntouring staff

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  1. I am very interested in working, help and collaboration with you as an volunteer and train students and youth in this fields: life skills, videos training workshops, practice English, IT/Internet and social media which are my main interests.
    so please share me with your whatsapp group and add me with number:

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