House sitting opportunity in Bulgaria

House sitting - Pay the bill, but no rent

Message from the host 

Would you like to try a very different life for a year - no capital outlay, great land, lovely people - loads to learn and challenge yourself. 

We've been living in a wonderful little village in Bulgaria for over ten years. During that time we've hosted a few hundred volunteers, friends, random campers and guests from all over the world. Many of them loved it so much, they bought property and now have a permanent connection. Life here is about living in a sustainable way.... we grow most of our own food plus we have mountains of fruit and we cook and heat with wood. My daughter and her partner are travelling right now so we have an empty house on a 2000sq metre garden (it used to be a field) that could really do with someone to take care of it and enjoy it.

The opportunity is rent free. 

Pay your own bills which are very small here, grow your own food, enjoy the flowers, play with the cats and experience a unique and pretty great way of life. There are three things that a prospective house sitter needs :masses of common sense, must love cats and must love flowers. The house is available until spring 2019 - if you're interested and want to know more, get in touch. Thanks and good luck. 

This place also provide volunteering opportunities
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As members of the voluntouring project we do our best to publish only volunteering requests that appear decent, interesting, reasonable, educative and safe.

However, when you contact the hosts, remember to ask them for as many references as possible.
We don't provide insurance, so safety is your own responsibility.

Fortunately there are many ways to make sure that hosts are good persons and they have a recognized or registered activity. Ask them to show you their company website, Facebook page or other social network profiles; ask for any photos or information that are proof of the legitimacy of their claims.

Follow your instinct and if you don't feel good about a place, simply don't go there!


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