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We are looking for Volunteers/professionals to build an Eco Lodge in the Amazonas.

Come to share this human experience with us in the middle of the Peruvian jungle. All kind of help in ecology, permaculture, Bio Constructions, carpentry, reforestation or cooking vegetarian meals is welcome. 

We will use sustainable concepts such as collecting and using water from the rain, electricity from the sun, creating a functioning sewage system, and a food production area in and outside the house. 

The association

The aim is to build a Center of Well Being, to create a community based on self-sufficiency, where everyone can live healthy, learn how to live sustainably, entertain, relax, heal, develop projects and express creativity.

Inti Eco Lodge will offer activities such as yoga, meditation and music classes, workshops, kayaking, paddle board, archery, areas for relaxation and creativity (painting, sculpting). 

Come join us to participate to this great adventure! You can join us in Iquitos, Peru in 2017-2018! We will offer accommodation!
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"I’m Anne, I’ve been living in Peru since 2012 and now have my residency. I studied in a business school back in Paris with a major in International Business. I then received a second Master’s degree in Australia, majoring in Business in International Tourism and Hospitality Management.

I’m currently building up my own travel agency here in Peru, which will focus on traveling differently: eco-tourism, communitarianism, respecting local economy, local culture and helping NGOs in Peru while traveling. I got the idea to do this eco lodge 2 years ago in Iquitos. I was studying shamanism and master plants with a shaman from there. I fell in love with the Amazon and its communities, and found land to get my project started." 


We are building a center of well being, to create a community based on self-sufficiency. 

Inti Eco Lodge will be an alternative to conventional tourism, as we invite people to come and spend their stay in a unique and authentic place. Through this place, we will educate and sensibilize not only our guests but also the community on sustainable development, and an alternative way of living without consumerism, while utilizing healthy and local products. 
The center will simply group like-minded and interested people who want to live and share great experiences together in a sustainable environment. It will be a place of rest, expression and discovery. We will pursue our goal of living in a better world and making people more aware of it, by showing that we can live off of what nature gives us; not only in terms of construction, but also in our daily lives. Inti Eco Lodge will offer activities such as yoga, meditation, music/dance workshops, areas for relaxation and creativity (painting, sculpting) and shamanic ceremonies. 

Inti Eco Lodge will be made out of wood taken from trees of the land, with each tree being replaced immediately with a new one. Also, we are going to be using recycled materials from Iquitos and its surroundings. We will use Earthship’s concepts such as collecting and using water from the rain, producing electricity from the sun and wind, and treating and reusing sewage. There will also be a heating and cooling system for best comfort in any climate. 

We will develop a permaculture system (Hugerlkutlure) and greenhouses on the land to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers all year long. 

We are to build a place that suits and fits the environment and its people by using all that it gives us. Our goal is to adapt ourselves to the land and befriend nature, while creating the smallest ecological footprint as possible. 


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Inti-Eco-Lodge/681803555235511


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