VOLUNTEER REQUEST - ECUADOR, Salasaka [community indigenous project]

volunteering in Ecuador


Attention: This non-profit organization charges a weekly fee of 30 euros in exchange for food and accommodation. 

Message from the host:

Hello, we need volunteers!

If you are looking for your next volunteering project and have an interest in working with children, S.K.Y. is perfect for you!

Sumak Kawsay Yachay (S.K.Y.) is a community project in the indigenous Andean village of Salasaka, Ecuador. 
In our local language, Kichwa, the name means “A Beautiful Life with Education.”

We are a non-profit that helps, by offering English classes, summer programs for children, and help with community development projects. 

All of our work is made possible by our volunteers. 

There is no minimum or maximum stay required but we ask all volunteers to work 6 hours each day from Monday to Friday, with weekends to explore other parts of Ecuador. 

Each volunteer gets 3 prepared meals a day and accommodation. 

Volunteers can choose between different kind of tasks, depending on what is needed. 

Some projects include:

  • teaching English, Maths, Arts or any other subject you are familiar with at the afternoon school;
  • helping out with English classes for children, young adults and adults;
  • fundraising;
  • construction work;
  • gardening;
  • volunteer coordination (minimum stay of 6 months required);
  • anything else you have expertise at and are willing to contribute!
Volunteering with us would also be a good opportunity for you to enjoy a local experience.
If you are interested or to learn more, please use CONTACT DETAILS.


If you are interested in more information to write to us at:
  • Facebook: SKY Katitawa 
  • Email: volunteers.schedule@gmail.com
Or check out our website to learn more about our projects and volunteers.
  • Website: http://katitawa.blogspot.com/
Thank you for your interest.

or contact us at: 
+593 989815377.

Your SKY Katitawa Team
volunteering in Ecuador
Kids of the community (Ecuador, Salasaka)

volunteering in Ecuador
Volunteer ladies, volunteering at SKY in Ecuador

Volunteering in Ecuador


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