VOLUNTEER REQUEST - INDIA, Sadhana Forest, Tamilnadu


Day 036-037 India

Sadhana Forest, Tamilnadu

Info from a traveller that has been there

Raffaele Giordano
Two days in the forest!
You can not smoke anywhere.
Alarm clock at five in the morning.
Greeting to the sun with attached stretching.
Breakfast with fruit and careful not to throw the peel that should be reused as fertilizer.
Prepare the bins to collect rainwater and keep it sheltered and make sure it is reused for the dishes and for washing.
Go to the bathroom and use correctly the two wells that you find, pay attention to divide "your waste" in their respective holes ... everything is reused!
Check if it's your turn to the kitchen.
Throw water from the well to fill the amphorae.
Switch from the toolhouse to get the one that's right for your job.
Reach the jungle.
Cover your head with a hat and start planting trees ... when the lunch is ready, a bell will ring.

If you want a smoothie you have to do it with a pedal system, then get on a bike and ride until all the fruit does not become thick ... what a scene!
The kitchen is only vegan, you have no choices.
The panels are not enough and you want the light? ... ride!
A hut with four bicycles connected to a dynamo system, "the more we ride, the more light we have at night"
Hours 21 and 30 to remain in the dark.

Prohibited multimedia systems, only living there for years can occasionally access a room to control their computer.
Cameras prohibited.
Prohibited video cameras.
A space of three square meters has a recharge point for nightlights.

Writing and reading makes me think how the hell has succeeded, I would like to say "I prefer to break stones for 8 hours a day".
And instead NO!
It was a wonderful experience.
I am proud and happy with myself for contributing - even if in small part - to expand this beautiful forest and carry on this project totally GREEN

I joined a German and a French for two days, spending only one night there, from December I will open the seats for the volunteers for a minimum of two weeks, I would recommend it to everyone, a wonderful experience that develops your creativity, develops the management of a group, develops openness and curiosity towards another culture, develops the sense of union and the simplicity of team building and carrying out a project.
All characteristics that should be sought by our companies and all the workplaces of our country ... unfortunately it is not always the case.

* cameras are forbidden so I added a video of an English boy who lived in the second area - I had no cameras with me - so as to give a complete and clear vision of the whole village that populates this forest


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