Volunteer request: Help for disabled and vulnerable children in RWANDA (Kigaly city)


The following is the general information about us
The center is HDCV (Help for disabled and vulnerable children), we are based in Kabuga the subrural area of Kigali city, the capital of Rwanda.
Our activities are various as we work together with the children and their families, we have different services namely physiotherapy, special education, health education, psychomotricity, family education, home and community rehabilitation.

Volunteers work is for 5 hours a day 4 days in week.

Rwanda is very good country with a variety of Touristic Opportunity.

It offers free visa for many countries and the population is nice and you can have a good opportunity to have culture exchange.
The food is offered in exchange of the help you are giving to the center and...

...we facilitate you to have a very cheap accommodation, as the center has a small hostel which helps to generate the income that serves in maintaining the everyday activities.

Contact details

The useful contact is:
  • chrimuke@yahoo.fr, 
  • hdvckabuga@yahoo.com
  • +250788834530,
  • +2507878278882.
Facebook page:

Thank you and I am available for further details.


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  2. your idea is very good;but i have some question toask you. HowChildren with disabilities will join the centre?


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