Happy Caravan and Refugee school - volunteers request for Greece and Netherlands (Amsterdam)!

Happy Caravan children project


Happy Caravan is a Dutch organization based in Amsterdam. 

We are a mobile classroom and our main goal is to provide basic social, therapeutic and educational support to refugee children and their families in Europe.
Our mobile classroom in refugee camps offers English, music and cinema sessions.

Once families are allocated a new host country and are ready to leave the camp, Happy Caravan ensures there is a support network of volunteers and organizations in the host country to facilitate integration.

We believe this network makes the adapting process easier for newcomer's families. 
Our work in The Netherlands uses music to bring people together.

Here local and refugee children will learn together and will perform traditional songs.

volunteering refugeeRefugee school for children!

Teaching english opportunity

"We teach English & Art to children daily in the camp of Thermopylae, which is about 3 hours from Athens".

"We provide housing and transportation to the camp daily! We are always in need of English speakers/teachers to assist in our programs!"

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