Message from the host

volunteering opportunity in swedenWe would like to invite you to our family for a shorter or longer time this spring - or right away, if you can! We live at the west coast of Sweden, in a beautiful area. We try to maintain two inherited homes and would be happy for some help to build a new fence and put new wood boards on the terrace - the old ones are rottening. Here are always need for a couple of extra hands and if you feel uncomfortable with these tasks, here are other ones we hope you will like! Hope you are interested in this project and hope to meet you! sincerely Carina and Par

P.s: we actually found ourselves in a little emergency as a lovely helper who has been staying with us for some time, had to return home because of family reasons a month earlier than expected.

Carina and Par


E-mail: carina.a.olsson@svenskakyrkan.se

They're also on helpx, with good references:


As members of the voluntouring project we do our best to publish only volunteering requests that appear decent, interesting, reasonable, educative and safe.

However, when you contact the hosts, remember to ask them for as many references as possible.
We don't provide insurance, so safety is your own responsibility.

Fortunately there are many ways to make sure that hosts are good persons and they have a recognized or registered activity. Ask them to show you their company website, Facebook page or other social network profiles; ask for any photos or information that are proof of the legitimacy of their claims.

Follow your instinct and if you don't feel good about a place, simply don't go there!


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