Agrida organic agriculture farm in Turkey is looking for volunteers!

Message from the host:

"Dear Folks, time really flies. Eight years ago, with my high school buddies, I have founded Agrida Agriculture & Tourism Association. We are still going strong in helping locals and villagers in converting the traditional villages and rural areas to the ecological ones. We know it will never be enough however, we are at it with new projects and a new field applications center.  We will keep working on projects like "Grow local, consume local", "Natural food for long life", and discovering the culinary heritage recipes to serve and create related jobs for the local inhabitants.

Anyone can be a participant in our future endeavors".


We opened up an new application region here and wanted to announce that, also we accept volunteers of EU, WWOOF, workaway, helpx. You might have a better idea on our association should you kindly visit the FB page of Agrida Agriculture and Tourism Association. I am in the verge of reformatting a municipality restaurant for locally grown/produced food, wine, etc and trying to discover the greek culinary heritage. While serving at the outlet, I am intending to archive them so will not be lost in the pages of history. You have a great day also.


Agrida Agriculture and Tourism Association was founded on 18th of January 2010 with 24 members at one of the extending branches of mythological Mt. Ida in the Northern Aegean Coast of Turkey. It is located in a mountain & forest village named Cazgirler.
On the lands of the association and members, traditional and good farming practices are being used hand-in-hand with the village habitants sharing the knowledge and experience. While the traditional structure and procedures are being captured and recorded, contemporary applications like correct water usage, protection of natural resources, compost and mulch production are being delivered to the villagers by leading with example.
Our camp caravan site and Agrida Mountain House enables us to promote ecological tourism programs to the interested groups including trekking, aqua trekking, photo safari, bird and wild life watching, tractor nature tours and local cuisine workshops with herbs. These programs enable our village to reach the rest of the world.
We also carry the expectation of a reverse immigration towards our village differentiating the products that increases the market value resulting in better prices for a better income to the village households.

As of September 2012 association and members have approximately 75 acres of cultivated land combined. Over three thousand fruit variety and walnut trees are planted. Local wheat selection is being produced with a wide range of vegetables while different species of aromatic and therapeutic plants are being tested and grown to determine the best balance.

Agrida is capable of welcoming a maximum of 35 guests when including the usage of the houses of the village neighbors.
Agrida is an EU and tourism ministry accredited association. Takes part in task forces and accepts long term volunteers from EU countries.


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