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volunteer programs, volunteer opportunities, voluntouring, voluntourism, volunteering abroadThank you for wanting to be part of our database!

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Please fill this form to have your volunteering announcement published in our

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How to write a nice announcement:
  • Keep your question short and to the point
  • Check for grammar or spelling errors.

Become a host:ย  announcement form

Give your announcement a short title. Example: "Volunteer at a nonprofit organization in Athene, Greece, helping refugees"
Please describe in a few words who you are and the cultural/volunteer exchange you offer.
Multiple choices are possible.
Explain in a few words why you are looking for volunteers and what is the mission of your community.
Choose the option that best describes the opportunity you offer
Choose the option that best describes the opportunity you offer
*If you are hosting underage volunteers you could add that approval from their parents is required. If you accept disabled people, please specify which activities they might be involved in as volunteers and what kind of service/support your project is willing to provide for them. Etc. You could also explain the reasons for certain restrictions or you can leave this section empty.
Number of guests/volunteers you can accommodate or need
All year long, or only on specific weeks/months?
We suggest 4-5 of hours of help per day.
We recommend giving volunteers at least two days off per week.
Add a note about your work expectations (optional)
Multiple choices are possible.
What type of food will be served? Can you accommodate Vegetarians and Vegans?
Do you charge any fees for the food and the accommodation? If so, please, explain how much and why.
*Before hosting a volunteer from abroad, make sure you are informed about your region laws when it comes to immigration, volunteering, and hospitality.
For example: certification, cultural exchange, free tours, pocket money, courses, workshop etc..) Please describe.
(OPTIONAL FIELD) Tell us about extra activities to do in the area
Which language will be spoken?
(OPTIONAL FIELD) Describe the geography, the weather, and the environment. ๐ŸŒก๏ธ
Please describe how the volunteers can get to your place, for example, by airplane, bus, train car, hitchhiking. If possible provide a general address.
Is there wifi in your home or around your workplace?
Only For NGO/communities. Would you like to be part of our "responsible/justice tourism program"?
Website address, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Wechat ID, Telegram etc. etc. The more contact details provided, the better.
We will use this e-mail to send you a confirmation
If you approve we'll pick some photos from your website or social media. Otherwise, you can send us your favorite pictures at ๐Ÿ‘‰
For more information about the donation bar, feel free to contact us.
By clicking "I AGREE", you agree to our Privacy Policy and our personal data processing and cookie practices as described therein. You also consent to the transfer of your data to our servers in Europe, where data protection laws may be different from those in your country.

Author: Voluntouring staff

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