Israel opportunity: volunteer and get paid in the agricultural field!

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The volunteer program at MOSHAVIM

Jobs in Israel – We are looking for more people that would like to come and work in the agriculture field. They must be 22-30 of age, healthy girls & boys, without criminal past.

It’s also necessary that they would want to stay in Israel for 3-12 months
**(European, South and North America passport holders only) **

we will pay for living expenses around 1,000 $ a month and we will take care of all your needs here.


We are asking for you:

  1. passport photocopy
  2. medical test showing you are healthy
  3. certificate from the police that you do not have a criminal record

Things to know:

** you will have to pay 270$ for visa application and a ticket for one way to Israel*
*if you do not have money- DO NOT WORRY you can pay with your income once you’re here!

Contact Details

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Author: Voluntouring staff

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3 thoughts on “Israel opportunity: volunteer and get paid in the agricultural field!

  1. Hi, we are a couple from the Philippines. Is it possible for us to volunteer at your farm? We are interested in learning and helping about agriculture there in Israel and it is a dream destination for us as a couple. In return, we want to bring it to our own country every experience and especially if your farm is doing seed saving.

    Looking for your kind response and consideration.

    Harry and Maya

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