Art exchange in Spain, Zaragoza!

Message from the hosts


We are a couple of art therapists and psychologists from Zaragoza, Spain!
We have an association called PSIARE - Psychology, Arts and Education, where we do art therapy and creative arts workshops (theater, free dance, corporal expression, music, plastic arts, ...) .

  • We want to make an exchange with artists and art therapists of any discipline (theater, plastic arts, performance, dance-expressive movement, music, ...) and from anywhere in the world!
  • We would like you to be able to participate in the workshops exchanging experiences and knowledge! 
  • We connect and learn with people through the communication of art! 
It is an incredible experience! 


We have a house in Zaragoza where you can stay with us! 
We have a free room! maximum 2 people


We also teach you our city, gastronomy and we will see shows to enjoy together!
If you dare, write to us and we know each other!

A hug and Art!

Gabriela and Javier


Feel free to contact Psiare association to ask for more info.


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