Israel opportunity: volunteer and get paid in the agricultural field!

Volunteer program at MOSHAVIM

We are looking for more people that would like to come and work in the agriculture field. They must be 22-30 of age, healthy girls & boys, without criminal past. 

It's also necessary that they would want to stay in Israel for 3-12 months 

**(European, South and North America passport holders only) ** 

we will pay for life expenses around 1,000 $ a month and we will take care of all your needs here.


We are asking for you:
  1. passport photocopy 
  2. medical test showing you are healthy 
  3. certificate from the police that you do not have criminal record 

Things to know:

** you will have to pay 270$ for visa application and ticket for one way to Israel*
*if you do not have money- DO NOT WORRY you can pay with your income once you're here! 


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