Life Central Station COMMUNITY FARM - Tenerife, Spagna

An alternative community in Tenerife, Spain, is looking for member, volunteers, friends

Hello fellow nomads! Coming back to you with updates and a clearer vision 💚
For those who dont know us yet 🐣 we started recruiring 2 months ago and we already have 40 members


Life Central Station, this name does not refer to a specific place instead it is a state of mind, a state where you are the king of your own world, a state of honesty, sharing and fun while being conscious to the world that surrounds us and to our needs and those of others we can help, the stations are places where this way of thinking is a way of life, places where you can acquire the knowledge you need to grow your own food and consumptions using ancient methods and modern ones, build your own green electrical systems, explore ways to find water and filtration systems, homemade organic hygiene products, build houses using different techniques, raise animals, climb a mountain, survive in the wild, hunt, fish, surf, play music, work with wood/metal/glass/clay/plastic, how to knit, how to program, do online marketing, digital currency trading, 3D Print etc… these are just a few things that will be available at the farm, the idea is to imagine and create.


We are a group of humans from all over the world trying to promote unschooling, a process which allows us to stop for a second and look at the life we are living and the world around us in an objective way and admit that something is not right, that this is not the life we want to live, this is not the freedom, safety and abundance that we are fighting for and wishing for.

Since we don’t know any better way we decided to think of everything we’ve learned and heard so far as if it were all stories, nothing is really true and everything might be (religions, books, races, borders, wars, history, medicine, drugs, authorities, borders, marriage, dragons, etc…)

We honestly just want to live better, we’ve started with total chaos since we don’t take anything for granted anymore and we decided that we will decide how we want to live according to what we experience and not according to 4000 year old books.

Only one rule

After 9 months and more than 400 travelers passing by our first station in Tenerife we are proud to say that we have only one rule, NO FIRE in the forest. 

Everything else is going smooth most of the time and every time we cross a problem we solve it and learn from our own experiences, we try to not take things personally, leaving the ego aside helps us become better, more in harmony and more conscious about ourselves and our surroundings.

The farm

Our first Station in Tenerife is a huge 12 hectare farm (120,000 Square meters), We invite you to be part of the first 300 pioneers who are honest enough to leave the comfort zone to look for a better way to live, a self-sufficient way where you have everything you might need or if you don’t then you have multiple ways to create it.

These 300 people will have a home here and they can come and go as they wish, while you are at home you have to decision to continue our ways of self sufficiency and live free of chains as a king/queen while learning any skill, language that interests you.


Our vision is to create stations around the world where we are not limited by routines, jobs, worries, stress, lack of resources, station where each one of us can pursue his dreams and some how all our dreams connected will result in an amazing paradise.

 I heard once a quote that compares humans to rocks and if the rock is in right conditions you get diamonds and precious stones: we want to try and create this environment where each of us will flourish and become precious to this world.

After we finish with the station in Tenerife, we will replicate the idea by creating another station somewhere else and thereby grow our international family.

Think of a big playground that combines the kid inside of each of us and all the cool tools and workshops to expand our imagination, act on our curiosity, seek the real knowledge that interests us, have no money responsibilities, in short, wake up everyday and decide what are the things you want to do today because you can and because you are not directly responsible for anything.

Another possible LIFE CENTRAL STATION?

Next station will probably be in the magical rural Madagascar, one of the most beautiful places on the planet, full of amazing forests and the best beaches, Imagine that after few years that you are part of a family that has several stations around the world (3rd station in South America, 4th in Asia and so on), a big boat to travel freely between the stations and to exchange crops, products, skills, ideas and dreams..

Funding ideas

By now you probably are either excited about learning more about joining or you think we are crazy and you want to see how this madness ends, hopefully this will make sense for both parties.

The idea is very simple, we need:

300 people X putting each a minimum 300 euros donation = this way we have 90,000 euros

with these 90,000 euros we pay the rent for 5 years in advance and we are left with more than enough to create all the workshops we are ever gonna need (see workshops chapter) and by that create a perfect condition, it is later up to us to maintain it as a paradise, how hard is maintenance depends on how smart we do things and how simple they are.

Just to clarify the decision behind the 5 year rent period, its perfect for us to experiment and create a place full of abundance, all the trees that we plant now and during the upcoming year will be mature and full of fruits in 2-4 years.

We are talking about over 500 trees of many varieties (most of the tropical).

These 300 euros will provide you with the chance to be part of this station for 5 years and any future station that we create over this module, you will be able to come and go as you please, build your own shelter or make other empty shelters better and reside for your stay.

After the first station is ready we start a new station using this module and we recruit 300 new members to create the second station, the difference in building that station is that our family will be double the size and we will be much more skilled at surviving and at everything else we might need.

There are no limits for the number of stations we can have as long as we are motivated, imaginative and positive.


Wood (Construction, carving, furniture, kitchenware, musical instruments, etc…)
Metal (Tools, historical weapons, furniture, kitchenware, etc…)
Glass (Cups, smoking equipment, windows, etc…)
3D printing (anything you might need, windmills, solar panels, etc…)
Plastic (creating our own plastic using hemp)
Sewing (clothes, professional tents, big meshes)
Lab for (oils, creams, health products, natural medicines, etc...) 
Agriculture (normal terrace gardening, Aquaponics/hydroponics systems, biggest variety of tropical fruits, greenhouses, forest gardening, soil preparing, clay usage, etc…)
Animals (in the moment one pig,29 chicken, 2 goats, 6 dogs, one cat).
Extreme sports (Climbing, ziplines, surfing, diving, etc…)
Music (Ecological music studio, sharing, instrument creation, festivals, etc…)
International cosine (variety of spices, herbs, veggies, fruits, cultures, knowledge exchange, etc…)

Self sufficiency / Abundance

The idea of self sufficiency, imagine everything u might need is available in your house, if not ready then you have multiple options to create it, by creating it you can customize it for you and you can make it better than the industrial production, having over 500 fruit trees which covers the whole year with fresh fruits and its up to us to conserve the rest, having free green energy with solar and wind systems that we can build ourselves, have our own water source (underground well, capturing water from clouds, recovering rain water) Aquaponic and hydroponic gardens to have all year grow of veggies for as many people and more, more is better since we can share with people without needing to ask for anything in return, because we have more than we need.


  1. Good to know there are start humans with the same SPIRIT of lifing a good LIFE :) Thankful Frank :)


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