Teach english and earn money in Bogota - VOLUNTEERS REQUEST

Appreciated volunteers,

We are honored to have your support as a volunteer teacher and your valuable contribution in the growth and development of our country Colombia. Colombia is a beautiful country with great variety of climates, landscapes, culture, gastronomy and cheerful and friendly people.

Our program of strengthening of a foreign language - English in our educational institutions nationwide goes hand in hand with the Ministry of Education, which describes the following conditions and request for documentation:


Duration: five months
Starting date: Feb 5, 2018

3 It is a volunteer program where native volunteers must be over 21 years old

4 The program requires professionals in different areas of knowledge, preferably in the area of languages, education, and/or humanities teaching.

5 Native speakers of English are needed, if not you must submit a certificate of language advanced level C1 or C2. They cannot be foreigners where their mother tongue is Spanish language.
Experience in some kind of volunteer activity.
Level of independence and self-management.
Interest in knowing the Colombian culture.
Ability to work in various conditions.

Initial documents to submit: Via email: recruitment@dtourplanners.com please send as soon as possible the following documents (If you have sent some of these please just send whatever is missing): 1. Updated resume
Studies certification (professional degree)
Copy of international health insurance
Copy of passport

Activities to develop: OBJECTIVES - To support the teaching of English, in co-teaching methodology with Colombian English Teachers -Generate cultural environments with the presence of native foreign trainers at Public schools -Promote pedagogical dynamics that allow students to use and communicate in English

-Support English teachers in its improvement of English language Volunteer 40 hours per week, distributed as follows:

English teaching: 18 hours

Management of class hours: 8 hours

Evaluation: 4 hours Planning of class: 10 hours

The volunteer project will cover:

Training and permanent support

Opening bank accounts 3. Processing and payment of immigration cards and visa
Management associated with the accompanying migration Colombia
Delivery of materials
$1.500.000 of maintenance and hosting
Air transportation from Bogota to the city of destination and destination to Bogotá city
24/7 Support and certificate of participation

The project does not cover:

Ticket in the country of destination to Colombia and back
National health insurance.
Night outs
The use of hallucinogenic substances and alcoholic beverages is forbidden within the program.

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