Kenosis Foundation (KF) is looking for volunteers

Attention: this is not a "free" volunteering opportunity!

Travel and Explore India. Message from the host:

It's me Issac, the founder and Director, of Kenosis Foundation, India!

Kenosis Foundation (KF) got several opportunities for volunteers and interns in India.

This is something you and your friends would be interested to travel and explore different culture as you get involved projects abroad with kenosis Foundation, in India. 

All our projects are affordable, the fee you pay, will cover 100% expenses while you are with us. 
Can apply at any times and application expected at least 2-3 months advance, as Visa taking process takes longer then expected. 

We have teaching, childcare, women's empowerment, youth exchange, youth empowerment, counseling and psychology, human rights, media and communication, micro-credit and micro-finance etc.

If you are TEFL certified teachers or just want to expertise your teaching skills and get experience Indian education system of teaching and curriculum, you reached the right organization (Kenosis Foundation), based in Bangalore city, India.

Kenosis foundation based in India, offers:

  • * both short (1-4 weeks) and long (above 1 -3 months/ 1 year or more) term volunteering, internship and mission trip programs
  • * Volunteering opportunities
  • * Above 18+ can apply all year round

Why to pay? 

We are not a funded organization nor projects.
In order to carry on our projects, we look for volunteers supports.
If we have funds, we do not really need volunteers from abroad. 
 Its the volunteers (participants) must pay all of their cost. 

Program fee

 Visit our website and know more details about why to pay, what's included in your fee and what's not included in your fee. 

 You fee can cover all of your expenses: such as food, stay, airport pickup & drop off, project search, organizing and fixing , training and workshops, a certificate, at the end of project, cultural exchange etc.

Apply and confirm

E-mail: kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com
More details visit website here

Please apply before 2-3 months advance or latest by 1-2 months advance, as your visa process takes longer than 2-3 months. or 2 months at least.

Founder & Director
kenosis Foundation, Bangalore city, Karnataka State, India.


Join us on WhatsApp group by texting me (Issac Rayappan) Director at +919900724842


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