Volunteer at the Sinharaja Rainforest Project, in Deniyaya, Sri lanka

A free volunteering opportunity in Sri Lanka 

Hello, we are looking for volunteers to build an Eco farm and free community (yoga, meditation) project in Midigama sri lanka
The aim is to build a non profit Center of Well Being, to create a community where everyone can live healthy, learn how to live sustainably, entertain, relax, heal, yoga, meditation and areas for relaxation

Message from the host

"My Name is Sydney Karunawardana. Four years ago I gave up my property development company and have returned to Sri Lanka after hearing from my local village that the UNESCO Protected rainforest of Sinharaja was being exploited by a leading Hotel chain, Major tea plantations and Poachers, hunting the protected animals of the area.

Hearing this shocking news I had no choice but to return to my home country and take these matters into my own hands.

My first action was to create a Facebook page to spread this first wave of awareness letting this become public, so I quickly gained 6000 plus followers.

With having this issue on social media and made public my next move was to approach the government officials.

After visiting the National forest Department and local M.Ps who gave general interest into the preservation of the rainforest it was still clear to me that I was no match for the bribes and corruption of these major company’s and the weakness of the Sri Lankan Government.

With no faith in my fellow countrymen i contacted major Environmental protection agency’s via email pleading my case and not looking for funding in anyway, only to get more awareness to trigger a response from the Sir Lankan Government.
These agency’s response was that they were to busy with other campaigns and that i should refer back to my own local Authorities. As I knew already my own local Authorities were in the pocket of the major hotel chains and I was on my own.

With no help from any large outside parties my only option was to create my own business to support my campaign, I currently have three guesthouse’s that have been supporting my cause. This has been a huge help in promoting awareness through foreign visitors. 

Some of these guest’s have even sent care package’s of toys and other items for my school visits.
The money generated from this venture has enabled me to fund my campaign, printing leaflets and do school visits to raise awareness to the younger generation.

Although my endeavour is tough and slow in any real results this is my path and passion. I will continue to fight against these people, foreign or local as this rainforest and many others i believe are more important than profit and commercialisation".

Sinharaja Rainforest campaign

This is a nonprofit organization led by a group of citizens of the world trying to make an impact to protect and save Sinharaja Rainforest in Sri Lanka.
Our mission is to build a massive union of citizens of the world who want to take action and responsibility for the sake of nature.

We need to promote awareness and serious boundary changes around the rainforest with urgency but we cannot do it alone.

Please help us save Sinharaja Rainforest!

Other info

Help us to save the Sinharaja rainforest from being cut down to make way for tea plantations and other commercial projects. This tiny area of forest is only is only 21km by 7km, but is suffering encroachment inside the protected area by tea planters and gem miners, while the wildlife is under threat from trappers targeting animals including rare black leopards, five of which have been killed in the area in the last five years. 

VOLUNTOURINGDespite its small size, the forest is home to more than 19 of the 147 species endemic to Sri Lanka, and these animals are in desperate need of help. The remaining leopards, elephants, wild cats and monkeys all need to be shielded from further harm, as do the rare species of trees.

The forest is also under threat from guides and forest rangers, who are not obliged to undertake specialist training to work in the area. Many of them bring dogs which are a threat to the wildlife, and leave cigarette butts and other rubbish which damage the ecosystem.

We are trying to save this area for the next generation by carrying out educational workshops in local schools to show children the importance of protecting the rainforest. Small changes in habits and actions now can make a huge difference in the future. We are looking for volunteers to help us with this project, and also donations of toys and educational equipment which could aid us in these workshops.

The forest has been designated a Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but despite this action still needs to be taken to protect the area. The authorities have failed to set up a permanent boundary around the forest which cannot be encroached upon The borders have been shrinking with each successive government, and the area is now a third of what it once was.

We are campaigning for permanent boundaries to be established with clear markings to protect this vital natural resource.


How can you help?

To start with, you can read the info about our volunteering opportunity page:

Facebook page




  1. I'm willing to become a volunteer but can't the application page. Kindly help.

  2. Hi, I'm an African living and working in Latina America 2 years ago. Teaching French, English and learning Spanish. I'm interested and I would like to know if I can participated since I'm not a EU citizen?


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