Volunteers Request for an international Foreign Language School - (IFLS) In Cambodia

Update: 10 06 2018

Hello, we are currently need three volunteers to help Cambodian children. Teaching English at the International Foreign Languages School. We aim to help them learn English. Contact: iflscambodia@gmail.com

Hello, all travelers. I'm Kreng. I was born in Prey Phkoam village. And I opened the English school to help the students and children in Cambodia. We give the classes for volunteers to teach English for three or four hours a day and five days a week.

We need volunteers for three weeks to follow the program of teaching. Benefits know about culture and meet the new people. We provided accommodation and food

But you should help us for the school. To keep for the children.

Volunteering exchange

You will be helping the students practice english by making conversations with the students and occasionally by leading classes. Your help would also be appreciated in other areas such as: business, marketing, development of the school grounds and of course our tours.
For the past one year, IFLS has been supported by volunteers, but this will by November 2016. This is why IFLS launched the bicycles. These can replace some of the lost income, meaning that IFLS is one step closer to becoming self-sufficient.
We understand that backpackers are often on limited budgets and as such, donations from volunteers are appreciated but not expected. As a volunteer, if you do not wish to donate money, you may prefer to consider any of the following items:

  • • School stationery
  • • Exercise books (blank)
  • • Materials for art projects
  • • Picture books
  • • Short and easy children’s books
  • • English workbooks (all levels)
  • • Materials for the teachers
  • • Board markers
Non-volunteers can help too! If you would like to help underprivileged Cambodian children by supporting their education, you may wish to make a donation of school supplies or money. To donate money, please send on Western Unions. Any amount, however, big or small is a huge help.
Western Unions for donation:
Name of receiver: Kreng Huy
Thank You!


You can do with your free-time as you wish. We have plenty of exciting ideas though. You could visit the old temple Phnom Da. It's a historical monument of Cambodia and was built in the 6th century. It's also always fun to visit the local community. People here are very friendly and amazing. For local sights you can visit the nearby pagoda or river. The people here speak Khmer and some of them can speak and understand a little of english.

The school/home-stay is located in Prey Phkoam Village, which is a 1 hours drive away from Takeo City.
Phnom Penh city is just 2 hours from school. There are many excellent cafes (with wifi), and attractions around the town center. It is also nice to explore the main market in town, though if it gets too busy, there is one a 50 minutes ride away from the school as well.

From the school, you can catch a cheap bus to Phnom Penh City. An amazing city to get lost in.
To the south is Kampot province, which is a stunning place to visit.

Teach cambodian kids english!
If you would like to be personally involved by your action, if you think that you have a great personality and a heart big enough to share your knowledge, come and apply as a volunteer teacher here!
Experience Cambodia up close but also our life
FREE Khmer cooking and language classes!
Accommodation is free.
What’s included 
• Three delicious, home cooked meals per day
• Fresh drinking water
• A bedroom with lock and key (you may or may not be sharing)
• Lockers for valuables
• Access to bicycles whenever you like
• Free bicycle rides
• Tours of the local area

Teach cambodian kids english!

If you would like to be personally involved by your action, if you think that you have a great personality and a heart big enough to share your knowledge, come and apply as a volunteer teacher for IFLS!
Experience Cambodia up close but also our life
FREE khmer cooking and language classes !

Hello, everybody's who willing to work as volunteers in our school. We need volunteers to run our school and help our students at rural area in Cambodia. Even though, we're working away with students in Cambodia. We'll try our best quality with teaching to the students. And work as a fun way to make them study and learn. We would like to say we will expand our school. Great experiences in local field and countryside in Cambodia. The people are honest and friendly.
Prey Phkom Village, Takeo Province, Cambodia is located in the countryside surrounding by beautiful rice field and close to some famous temples as Phnom Da which is in the mountain. This is a non-touristic place , so you can discover the real life of Cambodian people in the countryside. Even if there are some very poor family , everybody has a big smile on their face and are always willing to help , share , give
Contact us: email: iflscambodia@gmail.com; krenghuy002@gmail.com; school info:
Prey Phkoam Village 
Takeo Province 
Prey Phkoam Ko Village 


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