Accepting teaching volunteer in Rote Island Indonesia

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By Just Nadine

Teach English in Indonesia

I look for a female volunteer to teach English for local children in my place in Rote Island Indonesia.

I will provide a free place (share bedroom) food, and lend my motor for 1-2 month.


You can help me to teach from Monday till Thursday.

And free for Friday till Sunday.

Hours of help

You teach for 3 hours a day.

Contact details

Mor information call my WhatsApp +6281210657724 (Nadine)

Just Nadine

Voluntouring Disclaimer:

As members of the voluntouring project, we do our best to publish only volunteering requests that appear decent, interesting, reasonable, educative and safe.
However, when you contact the hosts, remember to ask them for as many references as possible.
We don’t provide insurance, so safety is your own responsibility. (For the best travel insurance go HERE/
Fortunately, there are many ways to make sure that hosts are good persons and they have a recognized or registered activity. Ask them to show you their company website, Facebook page or other social network profiles; ask for any photos or information that are proof of the legitimacy of their claims.

Follow your instinct and if you don’t feel good about a place, simply don’t go there!

Author: Voluntouring staff

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2 thoughts on “Accepting teaching volunteer in Rote Island Indonesia

  1. Hello, Im interested, currently Im living in Vietnam after spending 7 month in Cambodia, I have wide experience teaching English and Spanish at school and on line as well, I teach english using second language with good results. . Im free to go from April 2020, and can stay there more than 1 month. The only requirement is a good internet connection because I teach Spanish on line.
    I can’t add whatsapp, but you can add me for further details 05491133745761
    Thanks and regards

    1. Hi Patricia! Please, use the contact details that you find at the end of the announcement, the host might not be able to receive notification from messages left on the comment section. Thanks for your attention

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