Free hospitality in Morocco

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Invitation to join my home near Safi, Essaouira, Morocco

I can host you in my friend’s guest house, about 20 km away from Safi, in the direction of Essaouira. Free hospitality in Morocco.

Message from the host

“Namaste, I can host you in my friend’s guest house, about 20 km away from Safi, the direction of Essaouira.ย I am the manager of a music band (Gnaoua music) and

I also organize activities on the beach in Safi. There we play volleyball and frisbee and we swim.

Activities and cultural exchange

I can show you

  • Safi fortress,
  • pottery (Ceramics) and of course invite you for a coffee (I have a mobile coffee package).


Whatsapp me at +212606162024

Couch surfing profile: Mohammed-amine Souhal

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1 thought on “Free hospitality in Morocco

  1. This is not a dating website. Post your ad elsewhere.
    It’s unfortunate that some of us are so gullible to fall for this,
    and then one day they text to a friend “oh, he tried to have sex with me :(, I have to leave…. :(“. As it happened with a girl friend of mine last summer.

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