Community and Farming group in Kenya is looking for volunteers

Permoafrica center is looking for volunteers!


My name is Paul and as a permaculture teacher and designer, my mission is to bring permaculture knowledge & technology to my community and farming group that we are working with. We are a approved Register Community Base Organization {CBO} permaculture farming group with the Government of Kenya, and working with the following farming groups under our big umbrella to achieved their success in helping their community through hard work and working together {Dala Mor Farming Group, Dero community Farming Garden Group and they were facing climatic changes, low investment, and relative, isolation,the main headquarter office are situated in the south western part of kawiya village located in the northern part of korayo sub location, Kochia central location, Rangwe district in Homabay county - Kenya.

We are open farming groups, we welcome many more volunteers to come in as we love you to work with our farming groups for knowledge sharing and community interaction.

The village is 10sq km with a population of 1800 people ,one public school ,three privates schools and 15 churches,the primary occupations in the village are sustenance farming, carpentry, blacksmith, tailoring and small business which are under lake Victoria ecosystem environmental, with a vision to educate and empowered the rural community to escape extreme poverty.

We envision a community where young and adult people who are willing to work gets trained and take a little risk can support themselves and their families in farming through sharing the information and new farming technology/innovation on Permaculture and Organic farming to facilitate an open source approach to decentralized Permaculture education.

We are focusing to support practice and policies that will sustain young & adult ,independent and prosperous farmers now and in the future through Re-connecting with the Earth care and people care through gardening ,knowledge and experiences that lead to more holistic sustainable life and escape from extreme poverty as We are committed to:
1- Treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness
2- Taking both personal and group responsibility including:
• being accountable for our actions
• measuring and sharing our contribution to the community
• making and keeping commitments
3- Demonstrating openness, honesty, clarity, good faith and integrity in all our communications and encouraging shared leadership in our community.
4- A participatory decision-making and conflict resolution process. !!


Our major issue at this moment is that we welcome the knowledgeable/skilled volunteers to come and help in upgrading of the bellow mention program. and help spreading awareness about our permaculture farm project around the world to maintain it as well as further develop and improve through education on organic and sustainable agriculture eg:
~Permaculture and Organic farming
~Farming and Gardening
~Horticultural farming
~Sports education
~Administration and project management
~Networking & collaboration of the project
~Computer and internet online and growth
~Community charity work eg working with the community groups.
~Spiritual program
-Designing of the project website


our face book page,


looking forward to hear from you.



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