Cultural exchange and learning opportunities in India

Hello volunteers, my name is Sk Saif Ali I am 24 years old young guy. I belong from a small town Panskura where very less people can speak English. I want to help students and people of my area who cannot speak English. May be you can help us with that. Frank, flexible, gentle, adventures and fun loving these are the words my friends often use to describe me. I feel the same but I would love to hear something from you!

Profession:- I am a digital marketer by profession and work in a private sector in the city Kolkata.

Nearest City:- Kolkata is one of the largest cities in India it is also known as the cultural hub of India. Everyday lot of foreigners from every corner of the world come to visit. Kolkata is 80 KM far from my hometown Panskura.

Family:- My family lives in Panskura and I live in both places. My dad work in a high school and my mom is a house wife and my brother is in college studying about bio-technology.


Me and my brother decided to open a spoken English class for all age group so that people from our place including kids can speak good English. This is our dream to provide education to everyone at our place. we want our people to learn the art of speaking English. Our dream will become true by help of you. We will be there working as a coordinator and help you in all possible ways along with the syllabus and everything. one that we need is spoken English teacher and yes that can be you. Please join us in this good work and help our people to communicate better.

Help that we need from travelers-

Since we are now in a process of starting our class from April 2018; we do not have much students right now so we are trying to get more students however as of now we have a plan to give classes for 3 days in a week and maximum 5 hours per day not more than that. we want to expand our class to all local people so that people from 12-30 years old all get a chance to learn from someone who actually speaks English as his mother tongue. We will be working as interpreter or class coordinator to help both people understand each other. we will be ready with syllabus and everything. it could be maximum 4 to 5 hours class in a day not more than that. Rest of the time traveler can help us with our house works but not must it completely depends if they feel like helping then help or else no issues at all.

Our main aim is to see local people speaking good English which can not be done with the help of people who speaks English as their first language. So do not hesitate to spread your helping hand to our kids and people.Now we have around 10 students to start with but we are planning to have more students. Students will pay a very small amount of money to us and we will try to use that for the traveler expenses.

Information about our locality-

You will get to see flower cultivation and the flower fields looks amazing you just need to see the view which is around 15 minutes by car from the Panskura station. Local snacks called "chop'' is famous of Panskura.

Digha sea beach is close by from Panskura. Panskura to Digha train is available almost everyday morning and evening time which takes 2 hours to reach there. That is the only sea beach near by.

The livelihood of the common people is dependent on Business/Job/Agriculture. Many varieties of flowers and green vegetable are grown and are supplied to Kolkata from here. Local vegetable wholesale market is the main trade of this town. This vegetable market is the 2nd largest market in West Bengal. The first governmental cold storage & market for flower is situated at Panskura.

A large portion of the local population are farmers. Vegetables produced by farmers come to the bazaara, a busy and large wholesale market. It is the supply line for the vegetables markets of Kolkata and its outskirts. The bazaar is also well connected by train and road (NH6) to Kolkata which is the nearest big city. Local trains of South Eastern Line are frequent. Kharagpur, Haldia and Digha train connection is also available here.

Usually every week I travel between my hometown and Kolkata so you will get a chance to visit kolkata with me and you will show you kolkata with my eyes.

We have a 3 storege building in panskura and 1 flat in kolkata city.

Our building is 2 minutes walking from the main road in Panskura. We have 4 ATM and 1 Medical shop nearby which is open 24*7 In one word you wont regret staying here at my place.

Languages spoken

English, Hindi, Bengali


We Have a big 3 storage building house. where in separate room with a bed will be for you which is full furnished with attached balcony and hall room and toilet. well connected with market and 5 minutes walking from Panskura railway station. Where you will get to know about actual Indian family.

Meal and break fast details-

We are not vegetarian but if you are a vegetarian we respect your decision and provide you what you want.

You will get 2 meals in a day along with breakfast and snacks in the evening time.

Breakfast- tea and buiscit / puri and vegetable curry / muri & chop (local snacks).

Lunch- rice, dal, vegetable (egg/chicken/fish). rice,dal and veg will be in meal for sure along with that there could be egg or chicken or fish depends what is availavle on that day. you will eat whatever we eat on that day because once you are with us we are a family.

Dinner- Roti, dal, vegetables common along with that ( omlete/egg curry/chicken)

Volunteers are more than welcome to cook their own cuisine in our kitchen.

Access to balcony and a desktop with internet connection for work purpose.

Tour of the exotic city Kolkata. Be part of family get together and weddings if that is happening while you are with us.

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

Panskura is well connected by train with Howrah and kharagpur from where you can go to Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Amritsar and rest of the country.
We host volunteers very often thus you always have chances of meeting travelers at our home.

Remember to bring your student card to avail concession at monuments.

In their free time, volunteers have the opportunity to learn Indian cooking in my kitchen, learn about our local culture and customs, learn to do Henna, join me in shopping in Local market, learn Hindi and learn other house works with me if they wish.

You can join our social gatherings and even can attend weddings with us.

You can travel kolkata anytime it takes only 2 hours by train from panskura.Kolkata is one of the biggest metro cities of India.A city with 5 million people Known as the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata holds an important place in the economy, politics and culture of India. The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is one of the four metropolitan cities in India and has retained its quintessential charm despite modernization.

‘What Bengal thought today, India thought tomorrow’, is a famous line associated with the city for having produced some of the greatest thinkers, artists, film makers and writers like Rabindranth Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and Satyajit Ray. Indeed, ideas in Kolkata in the fields of art, literature, cinema and theater have provided inspiration to rest of the country.

It is more a learning experience for you, having fun and your involvement in my family -

5 hours per day for 3 Days a week


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