looking for a community Manager - Mexico City

A volunteering opportunity in Mexico

Message from the host

Hi all,

we are looking for a volunteer that helps us creating a sports community in Mexico City.

We are a start-up and our product is an application through which people can join soccer and tennis games in the city within seconds.

For that we need a person that can do the following tasks:
  •  organise soccer and tennis games:
  •  make game reservation twice a week at a sports center
  •  advertise the game in any imaginable way to fill both teams for the game (7-a-side)
  •  take pictures during the game and upload pictures with summary text and key information of the game into our facebook group

It is a very social project in which you will meet a lot of new people, mostly foreigners living in Mexico City for a while.

As a compensation right now we cannot offer much since we are just starting the project.

 In case there is a very interested person I am sure we can find ways to provide an interesting and convenient experience here in Mexico City.


Dont hesitate to contact me for further questions:
Whatsapp: +5215520219625



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