Sierra Leone volunteering opportunity - teaching english and other programs

Health education development - looking for volunteers

Message from the host.

We are looking for people who can volunteer and Teach our Kids English and other interesting program with our Noble grass root NGO Organization in Sierra Leone

We provide Free Accommodation for our Volunteers and a free pick up at the Airport to Hostel

 GOD does not want you to spend money on materials things. He rather you spend time with him, the homeless, and the needy! The gifts will fade away...his love will be with you forever! Love you!

More informations (17 04 2018 update)

Health Education Advocacy for Development (HEAD-SL) is looking for people who can Volunteer with our Noble grass root NGO organization in Sierra Leone West AFRICA

Long term Volunteers 3 to 6 Month

Maximum is 4 months starting April 2018
Every one of our volunteers has a unique experience, carefully curated so that your skills and interests match our current and future needs.

"As a volunteer for HEAD-SL, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact from day one. Being part of a small team means real responsibility and independence, as well as great support.

Help our teachers deliver 1-to-1 or small-group support to children with particular needs. This includes children with lower standards of literacy than their peers, learning disabilities or disruptive behaviour.

Work as a teacher’s assistant during term time. Take responsibility for art, theatre, story-telling and creative writing classes during Summer School.


Work with our management team to improve and expand new and existing social enterprise schemes. Our team lacks capacity in key areas that your professional experience can support with.

Contact us and we can make sure that your skills are used to deliver real impact and tangible results.


Interested people can email us at

Whatsapp: +23288411278
FB group


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