VOLUNTEERS REQUEST - Guatemala, teaching and education for local children

Niños de Guatemala (NDG) is a 2006-established Guatemalan-Dutch non-profit organization, with partners in France, the United States, and soon in other parts of the world. We are working towards building a better future for disadvantaged children in Guatemala and their families, through community-based education projects, where the help is needed the most. 

Come teach at our 3 schools at beautiful Antigua Guatemala

Come teach at our 3 schools at beautiful Antigua Guatemala, we provide education for 500 children!

Niños de Guatemala

Fight globally, act locally.
Volunteer with us and make a lasting difference in our childrens' lives!
NDG  is a wonderful organization that is helping to educate children in Antigua, Guatemala.
Niños de Guatemala has a solid mission, inspiring staff and a transparent structure. Getting involved in any way with this NGO makes a huge difference whether it is becoming a Sponsor, Volunteering or going on an Experience Guatemala Tour.
Get in contact with them, you will not be disappointed.




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