VOLUNTEERS REQUEST: Indonesia- Sumatera- Riau- Pangkalan Kerinci

Message from the hosts

Hi Everyone!

I'm Jimmy Marbun from Indonesia. I am a children teacher in primary school. I also built an English House for all people around me.

My place is a interesting place, where we can find many kind of tribes (like Batak, Minang, & Melay) Culture, Religion, foods. We all live in peace.

I need European people who are able to speak English to help my students in practising English or teaching them everything in English.

Here, i will provide: 

1. Airport Transportation.
2. House (local house, one bedroom with Fan)
3. Food (local Food , sometime western food as we can)
4. Daily transportation

I offer you:

1. language exchange
2. culture exchange
3. Share you everything we have in my place.
4. Visiting Elephant Conservation where you can Feed, Bath, Ride the Elephant.

If you are interested to help us please contact me.

HORAS (Best regards)


or in Whatsapp  085297027631


  1. I want to come help you. How to contact you?

  2. On the behalf of Affmdc Volunteers club Pk we offer our help in your nobel case by providing the help of experienced award winning volunteer Teacher as well as Doctor know english Arabic and 6 languages please e-mail us at affmdc@gmail.com Regards Affmdc Volunteers Club Pk


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