Join this project in Ethiopia! Learning about eco-lifestyles in Africa.

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Mulu Eco Lodge and conservation in Choke Mountains at the source of the Blue Nile!

project in Ethiopia, Mulu eco lodge, volunteering opportunities, volunteer in EthiopiaWelcome to the Choke Mountains at over 3,000 meters altitude at the source of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia. At our cosy Ecolodge culture, nature and society form a natural unity.
We are striving to fight rural exodus from this rich piece of the earth by introducing smooth eco-tourism and working on community projects of our NGO (founded 3 years ago in Germany for educational projects in Ethiopia).

Itโ€™s a genuine experience for tourists and a strong force for the preservation of the regional workforce, the cultural heritage and the unique environment.

Land & project in Ethiopia – description
On our land, we donยดt have electricity or piped water, as all the farmers there. In the nearest village (about 2km) is an electricity line but also no water connection. We work very closely with the farmer community which is cultivating the fields in this area in a traditional way with oxen and plough. There is a lot of ancient knowledge on how to find solutions for living off the grid without electricity connection and water pipes. By you and your ideas, we want to create a mutual benefit from ancient ways of living of the farmers and modern off-grid and agricultural systems.ย We can all learn a lot from each other!
Looking for potential volunteers in the list of these projects to be done.
We welcome anybody who shares our ideology and who are motivated to convert ideas into real projects! We’re very happy about people who have some experience in one of the following projects but also if you bring great interest and some time.ย ย The following projects partly need imported materials (e.g. water pump or filters): We will discuss with you if you have space in your luggage to bring it, and if you are interested to take full responsibility for the project and do small fundraising for the materials you need?)
Mulu Eco Lodge, volunteer in Ethiopia, sustainable tourism, responsible tourism

Volunteering Activities
This project in Ethiopia could allow you to take full responsibility or share it in the following topics (all are projects of our NGO to benefit the farmer community):
  • mulu eco lodge, volunteer in Ethiopia, workaway, helpx, volunteer in Ethiopia, sustainable tourism, responsible tourismEnglish/Sports lessons for the farmers’ children
  • Help in building and finishing the Community House
  • Organising / Building the Elementary School
  • Help to cook food and teach new recipes for the locals (they mostly don’t use fresh vegetables)
  • Biogas! This could help to prevent deforestation for firewood as a model for all the farmers in the surrounding.
  • water pumping system: the place is about 80m above the river, maybe possible with the hydraulic RAM pumps?
  • water cleaning/filtering system
  • wastewater management
  • clay/earthen building techniques: we built huts according to the local knowledge with a wood structure which is covered in cob, but to prevent further reforestation we are very interested in learning and trying out other cob construction methods without wood, like with tyres, sandbags, or sun-dried cob bricks. All materials are on site or available in Ethiopia.
mulu eco lodge, volunteer in Ethiopia, workaway, helpx, volunteer in Ethiopia, sustainable tourism, responsible tourism
Clay house
  • We also want to learn more about building rocket Mass heaters to improve the farmers living conditions.
  • Permaculture, Food Forest, Organic Gardening
  • Bamboo types of furniture/ construction: there is a lot of bamboo in our area and also some local handcraft knowledge about the usage. We would be very happy about an exchange if one of you have own experiences with bamboo! We could use that for school furniture.
  • Compost toilets for school and community house
So all in all, we need brain power, as well as experience! ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you have any own ideas that may fit our concept, we are very open to discuss and implement! Interested? To join our eco project in Ethiopia use the contact details below.


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