Integrated Farm in Nepal (Katmandu) is looking for volunteers

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Dear volunteers,
we are a farm established in Nepal to promote and production of good quality breed. We need lots of helping hands and minds to make this a successful activity and give reliefs to farmers from being cheated by corporate or other illecit business.

Updated 3 may 2018
What you are up to this monsoon (june to September)??

We are going to gift nature with tree plantation. We would plant more than 2000 plants that includes varieties of fruits, banana, bamboo and fodder trees.

So if you enjoy nature and wanna give something back to nature then you are most welcome.
We will help the community for their rice and plantation also.
We have goats, fish, chicken and organic food waiting for you.
If you have your own special plant for plantation, you are more welcome .

We are trying practice INTEGRATED FARMING along with FREE RANGE CHICKEN FARMING  for the very first time in Nepal.
We have targeted school students to attract them in agri-business and we shall show them possibility and future of farming in Nepal.

So, if you are interested pack your backpack and visit us.

We are waiting for you .

The host

I am Abhinash Sharma from Nepal. I completed my BBA degree.
So I thought of an idea to start a new concept of farm.

Demand of Boer goat is very high in Nepal. Farmers are being cheated while buying Boer goats.
They have to pay around 200$ per kg. So, I thought of importing goats from abroad and start a production to provide farmers lower prices. The process of importing goats is currently under process. It really takes a lot of time and effort.

In the meanwhile we bought some local breed and started our farm, but due to our lack of knowledge and skills we are having a lot of troubles. So volunteers with knowledge about goats are very welcome.


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