Great volunteer opportunity in Mityana, Uganda (Africa)

VHOPE organization is looking for volunteers!


My names are Stuart Muganzi, the Founder/Executive Director of Villages of HOPE (VHOPE Uganda).

VHOPE Uganda has a great volunteer opportunity in Mityana, Uganda (Africa). Below is the information about us:


VHOPE Uganda (Villages of HOPE) is a not for profit, child help community based charity in Mityana, Uganda (Africa) focused on bringing hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless children and families in the Mityana community.
A large part of our mission is to build an orphanage for the overwhelming amount of homeless orphans, and to provide easy access and schooling to our children (orphan or not) for general education and programs to help  them build skills for future jobs. We strive to impliment knowledge and steps to help them gain access to programs and colleges to further their education and to open opportunities to a large scope of jobs and careers. We want to liberate the people of Mityana from the deplorable conditions in which they try to survive. We are also focused on immediate health, food, shelter and basic living needs in the community.
We need volunteers of all types and are reaching out for volunteers to assist with VHOPE Uganda projects and to assist teaching at a community nursery and primary school. You don't necessarily have to be a certified teacher. We are looking for individuals with good parental skills and the ability to interact with young children of all different age groups, starting from 2 1/2 years to 13 years old.  It is important for our volunteers to have the ability to create and sustain good working relationships with children and young adults.  You should have good communication skills and able to speak some/fluent English. Other languages in addition to that are welcome. Our teachers will be assisting you in planning lessons, translating in class if needed and in any other school activities. (You will be working together with our staff). We also need volunteers who are skilled at computer and marketing, printing and designing brochures, banners, t-shirts and other marketing and promotional materials. If you have something you feel you can offer as a volunteer from home, please let us know what you have in mind. Every kind of support strengthens our ablity to save and help enhance the lives and futures of as many children and families as we can reach.


We offer 4 meals per day, accommodations ( a private room at the school with a bed, mattress, sheets, blanket, electricity and treated mosquito net), access to clean water (piped water that is carried in, via buckets, basins etc.), a Ugandan SIM CARD (which can be used to connect to the internet. Phones will need to be unlocked before traveling). And for free time, the opportunity to visit the surrounding area's and other communities with guidance from the VHOPE Uganda team.
For example: One such historical site in Mityana is Ttanda Pits of Death It is an ancient religious site and believed to be a very spiritual place. People visit there for many different reasons and some for spiritual help from the historical figures themselves. It has a fascinating history along with the legendary story of Nambi, Kintu, Kayikuzi and Walumbe aka “god of Death”.   It is a famous place and part of a tourist itinerary and Uganda safari. There are many other educational and fascinating places near by such as Magala A, Ttamu, Busimbi, Butega, Zigoti, Wabigalo and more.

You can learn more about Ttanda here.


Volunteers of all kinds  VHOPE Uganda’s Programs and available volunteer opportunities

  • - teaching in the community nursery and primary school and helping in its daily scheduled programs/routines. 
  • - community care focused on the spread and prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • - Charity outreaches in poor communities and families. 
  • - Fundraising for VHOPE Uganda’s projects. 
  • - Trainers and coaches for soccer, netball or any other type of sport or game.
  • - Medical care and treatment, giving supplies and education on preventing malaria and other diseases and illnesses.
  • - child care
  • - promotion or marketing projects
  • -construction or janitorial 
  • - Open to other ideas and gifts

Time committed and hours:

We ask that volunteers commit to a minimum of 3 weeks to 3 months and the expected hours per day would go as follows:Monday - Friday  3 to 5 hours per day.Weekends: per dayschool program for 2 hours charity outreach  1.5 to 2 hours (to visit other communities in Mityana).

We will joyfully welcome everyone (individuals, couples, families, missionaries, professionals, non-professionals, experienced or inexperienced).

 All volunteers must be at least 18 years old, finance their own travel, and in charge of attaining their own visa's and vaccines. Sorry, but regretably we are unable help with those things. 

If you are interested, please contact;

  1. 1. Medea Yorba (U.S.A) on Facebook 
  2. or email:
    2. Stuart Muganzi (Uganda) on Facebook 
  3. or email:


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