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We are looking for volunteers as English teacher in Chaingmai, Thailand.

We are looking for volunteers as English teacher in Chaingmai, Thailand.

Free accommodation and 3 meals.

Our home are about 15 minutes drive from town so we have no tourists and very few foreigners. The students have no opportunities to use English in conversation so we love for volunteers to come and help them practice speaking out loud with games and activities while learning new material. Generally, the students’ level of spoken English is a beginner or intermediate level. Some

What we exchange with our volunteers:

  • 1. Teaching techniques. If you are already a teacher we can share our experiences. 
  • 2. Exploring the local areas during free time.
  • 3. Eating local and traditional Thai food both at the school and around the area.
  • 4. Teaching volunteers how to cook by using different techniques. Some dishes I have taught before to volunteers are honey toast, green curry, shabu shabu, tom yum soup, padthai, papaya salad etc.
  • 5. Meet local people around local. They are always eager to get to know volunteers because they don’t see a lot of foreigners.
  • 6. After you help us teach English for 20 days. We will provide Elephant camp for free.

Teaching Details:

Skype lesson
Monday-Friday: 16.40-22.10
Saturday – Sunday: 13.00-16.20
Maximum 5 hours/day


If you are not a native speaker but you have experience in teaching English or are confident that you can teach, you are still very welcome.
We can offer guidance on what to teach and how to teach it if you need it.

Chaing Mai trip (Maewang area)

- get free Elephant Nature Park - Single Day 
- accommodation at Ban Bon Doi homestay 2 nights 
2 breakfast + 2 dinners (Local food) included

Pai, Mae Hongson

- free 3 nights accommodation at Jikko Harem with a Dorm room.
P.S. Work with us 6 weeks we give you both trips.

Teaching Details:

  • 1. Monday – Friday: The evening class is from 16.30 pm- 18.00 pm. ( Switch between 4-6 volunteers)
  • 2. Skype lesson with adults: 18.50 - 22.10 on the weekday and 13.00-15.40 on the weekend. These lessons are split between the volunteer we have. Typically 40 minutes per class. 3-5 classes per volunteers
  • 3. Saturday – Sunday: There are 4 classes each day. They start at 9.00 am and end at 14.30 pm. We have 4 volunteers at the time. so, 1.5 - 3 hours per person over the weekend.
  • 4. The age and size of the class depend on which day it is.
  • 5. Maximum 5 hours a day on Monday-Friday/ 6 hours on Weekend max 25 hours a week

Free Accommodation:

teaching english
  • 1. The school is on the first floor, the rest of the house is my home where you will also live! We even have a nice rooftop where it's possible to have cookouts and watch the sunset.
  • 2. We provide a bedroom with a bathroom connected. In the bedroom is a fan, mosquito net, pillow, blanket and mattress. Depending on how many volunteers we have, you may be sharing the room. 
  • 3. On the first floor is a small refrigerator that you may use!
  • 4. Food: We provide dinner during the week. On the weekends we will provide breakfast (toast and coffee) and lunch for you. You will need to provide your own food for the other meals or go to local restaurants. 

Note: Please bring your own toiletries and towel with you.


You will need to provide your own food for extra meals or restaurants. There are many local restaurants close to the house that are cheap (30-50 THB) and super yummy. 

Uthaithani Culture:

  • 1. Uthaithani province is located in the lower part of northern Thailand. The town that the school is located in is called Nong Chang. Uthaithani is a province abundant in natural resources, such as forests and different types of wildlife. One day you might experience the natural hot spring and the next day you may get to see over 9 species of bats in one of our huge caves!
  • 2. Moreover, you can see the different lifestyles of locals, such as the life of raft residents on Sakae Krang River, a waterway that aided the birth of the province. It has been a lifeline for its people since ancient times by assisting our provincial trading. Life revolving around the river eventually grew from a community into the major province that it is today.

How to get here from Bangkok:

You will take the Minivan from Mhochit bus station. You can buy the ticket at platform number 3-4. Also in the terminal is at the ticket window number 24. The trip costs 150 THB and lasts 2-3 hours before you arrive at the bus station where I will pick you up (minivans leave every hour). 


teaching english Chaing Mai
Volunteering - teaching English


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