A volunteer opportunity in Mexico with Albatros Tlatlauqui


And you, would you like to know Mexico? Here is your opportunity!

* Exploring cultures and languages *

- About us -

We are a social business that focuses on providing language courses, cultural events, translations and exam preparation. For us, the right to education is for everyone independently of the capacity to pay for it. That´s why we try to give the best price and we accept everyone.

- Our concept -

This summer, we are organizing a summer course for children! Our goal is to promote diversity, solidarity, equality, and important values through incredible activities: plastic arts, crafts and audiovisual, body and musical expression, sports and water activities, cultural talks, craft workshops, gastronomy... And all of this with a lot of fun! Our goal is that children leave the course with new friends, having discovered new activities that surprised them, having opened their minds and learned new things, and most of all, having 100% fun!

- Where? -

Tlatlauquitepec, “Pueblo Mágico” of the state of Puebla, Mexico.
A “Pueblo Mágico” is a town that has symbolic attributes, legends, history, transcendent facts, daily life…

- Requirements -

* Being between 18 and 28 years old * Experience in the care of children between 5 and 18 years old * Being passionate about cultures, gastronomy, dance, art, cultural issues, sports * Knowledge of Spanish and English level B1 minimum

- Profile you must have -

* Initiatives * Motivation * Availability * Interest in sports * Desire to learn about other cultures * Dynamism * Autonomy * Honesty * Responsibility * Adaptation skills.

- When? -

July 9 - August 15, 2018.

- What do we offer you? -

• Voluntary work certificate
• Training in:
* Languages * Recreational activities * Sports * First aid * Human relations * International relations.
• Tourist information of the “Pueblo Mágico”.
• Lodging in excellent facilities (4-star hotel): https://www.facebook.com/HotelSuitesTlatlauqui/
* Wifi * Hot water 24 hours * Television with cable * Living room * Kitchen * Fridge * Parking.

Contact details

• Facebook: Albatros Tlatlauqui - https://www.facebook.com/AlbatrosTlatlauqui/
• Instagram: albatrostlatlauqui - https://www.instagram.com/albatrostlatlauqui/
• Email: albatrostlatlauqui@gmail.com
• Telephone: 23 33 18 13 24
• Flora Mathulin: 22 11 09 06 84
• Aldo Jiménez Gil: 22 24 45 80 27
• Address: Avenida Reforma No. 155 Colonia Centro
Tlatlauquitepec, Puebla, Mexico
Zip code: 73900


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