Creation of the 11th Art-Labyrinth Festival.

Dear friends, we invite you to participate in the organization of a major event, which every year brings together about one and a half thousand creative people.
The concept of the festival is based on ecological consciousness, creativity, research for som
ething new, harmony with nature, not the consumer system, vegetarianism, the purity of the mind from intoxicating substances, participation and involvement.
We do everything ourselves and invest in this our heart. 

Together, we create a unique friendly and bright atmosphere that transforms everyone who gets to the festival. We strive to open for all the world of the pristine nature in harmony with the man.
If you have a desire to benefit the world, do good things, unite in creation with people of similar spirit, join our Volunteers team.
Everyone will be able to find a suitable occupation, do what he likes, bring maximum benefit and receive from it spiritual satisfaction, and already in a team with all the guys to experience the wonderful moments of this large-scale event!

Your assistance is necessary in the preparation of the festival, at the event itself and after.
Festival date 23 June - 1 July

To be a volunteer, 

you need to fill out a simple form at the link:

Оur group on facebook:

Fore more information ask a question on 


Make a repost that your friends will also have an opportunity to realize themselves at the Art-Labyrinth festival)


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