We exchange room and board for help in the countryside near Tivoli, Italy

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Hi, my name is Carlotta (54). I live in the countryside 7 kilometres far from Tivoli and about 30 kilometres from Rome, in Italy. I share my life with Marco (60) and three dogs. Our home is a small country cottage with its four thousand meter of land. My job is to keep in balance the wellness and caring of myself, with my man Marco, my house, my animals, my plants and my land.
Property description
The property counts three parts, one is the house-courtyard-lawn-laboratory-patio and above and below, especially on slopes, there are olive groves and little paths among fruit trees, bushes, vegetable gardens and flowerbeds still in the making. Until 8 years ago when I bought, all the land was virtually abandoned and uncultivated. I, with great patience and like a good turtle (tartarughina), slowly try to fix everything, working for the 90% by hand and alone.
By myself because we have very little money and cannot afford to pay aid, and by hand because the terrain is steep and unmanageable for tractors or the like.
Help exchange for room and board
I usually need help with heavy works, with the cleaning up from weeds in my flowerbeds, with gardening in general, in hoeing (or dig?) the earth, and in various specific jobs, such as building small dry terraces or building objects with wood. In particular, now I need a great deal of help to fence off the property to take out animals that do damage (like a nightmare last year we have been plagued by wild boars (pigs?) and hedgehog). Our dogs will be able to run more, and hopefully we will stop stumbling in some little cute bordering neighbours of land.
It is important helpers are ok to work hard with their hands, like hammering while standing on a stair, hand hoe the vegetable garden, plant trees or build dry stone walls. For example, I could ask the helper to:
  • learn how to use a use a whisk to cut the iron nets;
  • clean the small border stream from the wild vegetation;
  • lift the bundles of wood and walk them to the olive grove (at the top of the property);
  • use the shredder (four-stroke) to reduce the wood into small pieces for mulch;
  • move the iron nets and put them in the right place (hammering while standing on a stair !);
  • eccโ€ฆ .

If they are good at taking pictures that would help me at tracking the working progress !

Hours of help
In exchange for 25 hours outside help per week, we offer a cute small semi-independent apartment (with weekly clean linen) and meals. We hope for helpers that are not too picky on food, our last helper was a bit too picky, no vegetables, no fish, no this, no that … ufff.
We like helpers to help to fix and share breakfast, lunch and supper with us. If from time to time they can cook, it will be much appreciated but not mandatory.
On top of the 25 hours per week outside help, I will need aid fixing meals and taking the house, the backyard and the lab tidy.
Languages spoken
Italian, English, (Marco speaks also French)
An internal staircase leads to a tine loft on the third floor, with bedroom and bathroom for our guest.
The guests, in addition to daily work, should help to prepare meals and with the clean after (breakfast, lunch and dinner). When it is possible we like to eat together chatting and listening to the news. Guest should help keeping clean and tidy everything around them, in the house and outside. No smoking nor food is allowed in the guest area. On Fridays, magic Eleonora comes to clean everywhere, and guests are kindly asked to leave the third floor in order so that it can be easily cleaned and the linen changed.
What else…
We are surrounded by nature, the train station in Guidonia is at about 6 km, there is a bus stop at about 2 km so you will need to walk (maybe we could find you a bicycle). The train take you down town in Rome in 45 minutes, but before that you need the bus to take you to Guidonia train station or to Tivoli (in 15/20 minutes).
Cultural exchange
I am reasonably good at cooking, so you will be able to learn a bit about italian food. There is a tiny village at about 2 km with a bus stop; a bar/pizzeria and a ‘piazzetta’ where few people meet in the evening. Tivoli (that have two UNESCO sites, Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana) is at 7 km, Rome is at 30 km and the railway is at 6 km. Around us you can have nice walks among field of olive’s trees. We will be glad to teach you some italian and you can borrow some of our italian books.
Hours expected
5 hours a day, 5 days a week (the two free days will change weekly with little to any advance, according to the work to be done and usually to be the most raining ones)


host name: Carlotta

Author: Voluntouring staff

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3 thoughts on “We exchange room and board for help in the countryside near Tivoli, Italy

  1. Experienced Carpenter of over 20 years, good cook… able bodied and not fussy with food. I’d love the opportunity to help you out and learn more of the Italian culture. I’m American/Italian and would love to return to Italy and spend a little time.
    I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. Clean and healthy

    Thank you

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