Christian Foundation looking for volunteers & partners in eastern Uganda



A Christian Foundation, running a charity high school in Uganda is looking for some volunteers to help in the running of  the school.
 We are majorly helping out vulnerable girls, kindly find a way you can help us, thank you.


Providing QUALITY EDUCATION to orphans and unable children.
Together we can re-write a child's FUTURE.




Wanyange Progressive Child support Foundation is under Eden church ,Our major Aim is to give a helping hand to orphans, vulnerable children to access higher education especially the girl child.Without education, these children have virtually no chance.

Company Overview

Our Scholarship program aims at supporting orphaned, abandoned or deprived children, as well as girl child education for drop outs regardless of financial and community status.Without an education, these children have virtually no chance to improve their conditions, and they enter into a cycle of on-going poverty. Oftentimes, the young ladies get pregnant and or get married at a young age because they believe that it the only way for them to survive. Some even resort to prostitution to put food on the table to feed themselves and their families.

General Information

This Project is aimed at educating the girl child on essentials and skills to help them through day to day business and financial decision making. This means that the girls are able to learn environmentally sensitive and economically productive sustainable business development skills, as these are essential to creating new jobs and for the wider benefit of the society.


  1. As a charity organizations responding to the poverty crisis in Uganda, we see countless children forced to drop out of school; Especially girl child crumbling and overcrowded classrooms; without buildings or safe water and sanitation; and pupils having to walk miles to and from school every day. What shines through is children’s desire to learn and build a better future for themselves and their communities. We are calling upon any kind person or agency for funding, to push our dream as we too, solve the poverty crisis ,,,,

    1. If you want to publish a help request, contact the admins! Writing in the comments won't help!


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