Great Hope School project is looking for volunteers in Arusha Tanzania

Are planning to volunteer in Africa during summer but you don't known where to start? Please, donate your summer time in serving these children from low income families.

Great Hope School is the project which operates under community based organization which is registered with the name Community Development Base (CDB). The center serves 74 children with age ranging 3-5; we provide daycare and basic education to disadvantage children who maybe difficult to acquire this service from money oriented private daycare centers and primary schools. The center is located at Mlimani Street in Muriet ward, Arusha region (at common area known as Morombo) Northern Tanzania. These children engage in studying activities, which give them an opportunity to attain specific knowledge, and skills, which can enhance their creatives and thinking capacity. Our center influences the knowledge in different subjects include Mathematics, English, Swahili, Science, and Arts, we believe that these are the basics learning that are relevant and applicable to their daily life and values for their further studies, therefore we create the way for these children to join further learning

Children care and elementary teaching

We offer 

Breakfast and lunch (No special diet)
Home stay hosting

Working hours 10, minimum working hours 5 starting from 08 am

Volunteering is free but take dedication to work under challenging environment but it is so rewarding.

If interested, Contact us now.
WhatsApp +255757347624

welcome call.

Stephen Mfumya
Founder and director . — in Arusha, Tanzania.


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