Help in a cultural and artistic association in an old medieval village. Italy, Liguria.

Our name is FLOS ARTIS

The project is...

Bussana Vecchia is a medieval village destroyed by an earthquake in 1887, abandon for decades since the 1959 when Clizia, an artist decide to rebuilt and occupy the village, he wrote a Manifesto, sent to artists all over Europe and found the art community.
They spread life and art all over, some of them stay since now, most of them stay for a season of their life.
Our project is base on this. We are built an organic but solid structure beyond what, since now, was seen as a negative behavior : the temporariness.

We are two different reality:

_ the association
_ the house: La Casa Degli Archi
who decided to work together for create art, space and time for artist and rebuilt a little bit the dream, both physically and mentally.

There are 3 main areas of work:

_the re-construction of La Casa Degli Archi. Angelo is in charge of this since some years, with friends and volunteers. This is not a fast job, is a slow process, slow as clean and smooth medieval brick found in the basement and rebuilt the arches.

_ the association,the art gallery, the dinners on the terrace, the artistic cineforum, the full moon party (you really want to see our party in the terrace), the workshops, the exhibitions and the Residency, both in our home and all over the village, in the houses of the artists and occupants.

_the web: mainly website and social media.

We are looking for:

  • * (Artistic) builders to renovate our home (improving the shower and kitchen, painting, etc...)
  • * An electrician to re-wire the house
  • * (Artistic) carpenters to design and build the proprety, unique furniture, terrace, pergolas, etc...
  • * Cooks to prepare healthy food as well as preserve food (drying, fermenting, jams,yeast, etc)
  • *️️️ Cooks for pizza for our friends fantastic stone oven how work by wood, also cutting wood is required
  • * People for the shopping (we go to the local market and we save all the leftovers, dumpster diving) for this we are looking for people with a vehicle like a car or a van
  • * An artist to create furniture
  • * Permaculture gardener for our friends piece of land
  • *️️️yoga teachers for this summer
  • * Team for parties, social dinners, cineforum organization and all the association work
  • * Social media guru
  • * Web designers, UI, UX

Host Description

Our home is a beautiful house in the centre of the village with tree floors and a terrace, is a work in progress situation so, for the moment, the rooms will be shared, there is also the space for put a tent if you need more nature contact or if you prefer have your private space.
We are close to Sanremo, near the border with France. The village is 20 min walking from the beach and we are on the trekking ways called Alta Via dei Monti Liguri.


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