Off grid homestead and yoga retreat near Talladega National Forest, Alabama, USA - Volunteer request!

We are building an off grid homestead and yoga retreat on 40 acres surrounded by the Talladega National Forest. Looking for the occasional select volunteer to work and live alongside us.


We are on a journey building a new life, home, and community off-grid. Finding inspired intuitive functional solutions that add true comfort organically - living with and guided by the integrity of nature herself.

voluntouringDustin grew up in the mountains of Western Oregon, earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering and traveled the world (30+ countries) interested in learning simple truths and perspective from the beautiful tapestry of people's life choices and circumstance. I built a career working for Honda doing Engineering and leadership (still my day job) - and after a decade living in the city moved here in July 2016. With the help of many friends, family and travelers, we have been building a wonderful place to live and enjoy the bounty of cathartic blissful nature.

Mandy is a pure and direct empathic human studying somatic therapy applied through informed yoga sequencing based on an individual's healing needs. She has a fine arts background and spent 12 years traveling doing high end architectural finish work.

5/30/18 Update: 

We are recruiting now for

We are building an off grid homestead and nature retreat on 40 acres surrounded by the Talladega National Forest. Looking for select volunteers to work and live alongside us.

This year we are building Cabins, a community kitchen (Valhalla), yoga platforms and an art studio. We are trail blazing, clearing land, gathering firewood, making community fire circles, practicing acroyoga and celebrating life.

Current main project is construction of the Valhalla (communal kitchen / grand hall) with logs.

There is a variety of other chores needed - cooking, dishes, general cleanup, firewood gathering, brush clearing, road maintenance and trail blazing, rock hauling, sign making, solar electrical and water system monitoring.

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

We are completely off grid and can teach about building, solar power, water sourcing/filtering, and sustainable independent community living.


Volunteers are provided food, a tent and bedding (a REAL mattress, pillow and a big super comfy sleeping bag). ACTUALLY Hot showers and communal kitchen shared.

We are 10 minutes by car from Talladega (Grocery / Department Stores, Hospital, Coffee Shop etc), Birmingham is 1 hour away, Atlanta is 2 hours away.

Arrival by Bus is at Annison/Oxford, Alabama & by Train is at Anniston Station. We sometimes can accommodate arrival & departure from Birmingham, Alabama.

Contact details

We're on workaway as well for references:
Dustin Parks


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