Permaculture project in France pyrénées

Hello, bonjour, Hola !

I’m working and live in a eco lodge on a wildlife project in pyrénées.

Our place is a future becoming in the natural reserve of Pyrénées.
At 940m above see level in a quiet hamlet at the end of road.

You will be received in our stone house of the 19th century sleeping in the guest rooms, or dormitory or if you prefer in tent.

We are 24km from train station.


The works are highly varied either the renovation of places, the work of fillers walls, sharping wood or work in the field on the garden, the plantations, but also a hut in the trees. We shall adapt ourselves according to your preferences or according to the necessity of moment or of the weather report. Recently raspberry bushes are planted. 
The mains idea is th preserve seed and wildlife around. 
Streams and 1 river are closeness, hikes and wild animals are just in front of the house. We have attractive summits of mountain has to make the WE until 2000m for surrounding.
 We cultivate without chemicals. and our food is healthy and local. 
In October we pick up and eat the sweet chestnuts of the forest. 

I’m mountain guide you can check my website
If this interest you, please present yourself on private mail.
We speak English, french, tambien Espanol
hope for your motivation. 

Contact me through:



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